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Key Elements of a Speech Analytics Solution

I often use CallCentreHelpercom as a resource to stay on top of the speech analytics industry, follow thought-leaders, and read opinions and advice from the experts   Although CallFinder is located in the US and serves businesses in North America, the target audience, users of speech analytics,[...]

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3 Types of Speech Analytics Technology

There are three types of technology used to power speech analytics: speech-to-text, phonetics-based, and direct phrase recognition Types of Speech Analytics Technologies 1 Speech-to-text technology is based on a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine, which translates[...]

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Build Customer Relationships with Speech Analytics

The company-customer relationship is certainly not a simple one  It is complex and multifaceted with a lot of moving parts   Capturing your customers’ conversations provides you with a wealth of knowledge - also known as business intelligence - to better understand your position in the[...]

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79% of Customers Prefer Phone Support Over Other Channels

79% of consumers still prefer to use the telephone to interact with a customer service center   Make sure you have the right tool in place, like the Callfinder speech analytics application, to ensure script compliance, call quality, and a resource to use for your agent training program Source:[...]

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Career College Saves Time and Resources with CallFinder Speech Analytics

Here is just one example of a successful implementation of a web-based speech analytics solution by a small to medium-sized business: Background: Career College was founded in 1966 and has grown to five campuses The College’s mission is to prepare students through allied health and business[...]

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Fortune 500 Uses CallFinder Speech Analytics to Ensure Script Compliance

One of our customers happens to be a Fortune 500 company After using CallFinder's speech analytics solution for about six months, they have successfully identified where agents are going off-script Armed with this data, the company improved their training programs to reduce compliance[...]

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