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Built-in Client Support for Life

CallFinder's Managed Client Services are like no other in the industry. From one-on-one training to ongoing advice and support, CallFinder's Speech Analysts set us apart from the competition, and set you up for success.

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Meet the Next Member of Your QA Team

When you work with CallFinder, an expert Analyst is assigned to your team to help you gain insights, gain value, and gain success. Your Analyst becomes an extension of your QA team and works with you to define your goals, and set the criteria necessary for immediate access to insights. There's no need for you to hire outside consulting services to use or get value from CallFinder. We do all the heavy-lifting for you and continue working with you beyond implementation to guarantee your ROI. Consider us a colleague or partner, for life.
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Key Benefits of CallFinder's Managed Client Services

Trusted Partnership

As your trusted partner, CallFinder provides regular consultations and training to support your unique goals and business needs.

Personalized Support

CallFinder is the only speech analytics provider that assigns each client with an experienced Speech Analyst dedicated to your success.

Guaranteed Lifetime Value

Your Analyst works with you to ensure accurate scorecard results and guaranteed value from our solution for the life of your contract.

Proactive Support & Advice

Our knowledgeable CallFinder Specialists go above and beyond to help you determine your objectives, the scope of a potential engagement, and discuss ways you can implement our solution to meet your goals. They are always there for you to answer your questions and make sure you're comfortable using speech analytics technology and our automated scorecards. Watch this video testimonial to see why CallFinder outperforms the competition in every possible way.
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Give us 15 minutes to show you why CallFinder Stands Above the competition

CallFinder’s unique support program and team of Speech Analysts is unmatched and one of the many reasons why working with us is the right choice for so many businesses. If you’re interested in a demo of CallFinder's speech analytics solution, please contact us today.
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Onboarding with CallFinder

While the CallFinder solution features a user-friendly dashboard with easy access to your call data and reports, we realize the importance of thorough training with a new technology implementation. That's why we provide tailored one-on-one training and support that enables your business to derive actionable insights from the start. Our speech analytics experts will help you transform your manual Quality Assurance process into automated scorecards and reports that measure key business metrics to ensure your success.
CallFinder Case Studies
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We use CallFinder to identify areas where agents need additional coaching, which helps develop training content based on the trends we’ve seen within the calls. We continue to increase our compliance rates thanks to CallFinder.

Sam Wilkerson

Quality Assurance Manager
CallFinder has a great foundation, and they are continuously adding new features based on customer feedback. They created a new search algorithm based on our requests, using variable data that we sent them.

Steve Denbow

Senior Program Manager
We have been extremely happy with everything, including the setup and onboarding. All the support staff and technical folks made it very easy to get things up and running. The continuous support also makes things extremely easy.

Dave Kilby

Director of Operations