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Silence & Overtalk

CallFinder’s user-friendly software makes it easy for QA managers to segment calls with too much silence or overtalk and identify common customer pain points.

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How it works

Insights provides the percentage of silence within a call for both the customer and agent, and how often the caller and agent spoke at the same time (overtalk events). Like sentiment and emotion detection, Silence and Overtalk events are used to identify and address sources of customer frustration using root cause analysis. Calls with longer periods of silence, for instance, may be symptomatic of gaps in agent training, such as the agent taking too long to provide an answer. Long silences can also indicate technical issues with the agent’s software, or any number of snags that reduce operational efficiency and potentially leave you with an angry customer.

Insights That Drive Results

Detecting silence and overtalk during conversations determines whether or not your agents have the right skills to handle calls for the best results. Combined with CallFinder’s scorecards, insights from our silence and overtalk detection will identify the behaviors that result in positive outcomes and ensure that agents have the skills needed to understand what ultimately drives revenue—your customers.

CallFinder Insights

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CallFinder’s Insights was designed by experts who understand that customer experience is more than a metric. That's why made sure that our solution includes everything you need to provide the very best experience for your customers, and your agents. Driven by CallFinder’s transcription engine and simple implementation, Insights is highly accurate, easy to navigate, and fully customizable to fit the solution requirements and unique business needs of your organization.See CallFinder in action. Schedule your custom demo today!