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Explore our knowledge base of materials and learn how to use our speech analytics solution to gather critical business intelligence, monitor customer experience, improve agent training, work more effectively, lower costs, and increase revenue.

CallFinder’s Seamless Tech Integration

CallFinder’s CTO, Dan Sorrell, explains how CallFinder’s speech analytics solution seamlessly integrates with any call center platform. Learn how easy it is to get started with CallFinder.

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Why Clients Love Working With CallFinder

“Seeing the client’s reaction when they get their call insights for the first time, and they have one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments – that’s when I know we’ve exceeded their expectations.” -Sam Petersen. Learn why our clients love working with us! CallFinder Speech Analyst, Sam Petersen, reflects on what sets CallFinder apart from the competition.

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Measuring Empathy with Speech Analytics

Do your agents use empathic communication How does empathy impact the customer experience What can speech analytics do to measure and improve empathy This eBook will answer those questions and walk you through all you need to know about the value of empathy in your call center Download your copy[...]

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CallFinder + Verve: Increase Member Satisfaction With More Coaching

“Our member experience score has gone from 4.3 in January to a 4.7 in June, because we’ve been able to focus on soft skills” -Cheryl Beams, Verve Service Manager. Cheryl Beams explains how CallFinder has made it possible for her team to focus on coaching and react quickly to call trends.

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