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Explore our knowledge base of materials and learn how to use our speech analytics solution to gather critical business intelligence, monitor customer experience, improve agent training, work more effectively, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Why Choose CallFinder

Learn how CallFinder can help your business make informed decisions with the following:

  • Visually-intuitive insights
  • Real-time data on every call
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fully customizable platform
  • One-on-one training and support
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Measuring Customer Lifetime Value for Credit Unions

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is an important metric to know, especially for credit unions looking to improve the member experience But how do you measure CLV This eBook provides everything you need to know - from how to measure CLV to the tools you can use to improve it Get your copy[...]

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CallFinder Acuity Product Sheet

CallFinder Acuity quickly identifies outliers and trends from 100% of your calls using automated scorecards and advanced reporting. Learn how to uncover agent knowledge gaps, reveal coaching opportunities, and evaluate agent performance with CallFinder Acuity.

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CallFinder View Product Sheet

Cultivate high-performing agent teams and experience an upward impact on company revenues with sentiment analysis, silence & overtalk detection, searchable call transcriptions, and more – download the CallFinder View Product Sheet now!

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Guide to Creating Winning Agent Coaching Strategies

Automated Quality Monitoring solutions are now the standard for companies that want to enhance the customer experience, close agent knowledge gaps, and improve operational efficiency In this eBook, we’ll explain how accomplishing performance goals all starts with agent coaching, and how to[...]

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Choosing The Right Speech Analytics Solution: A Quick Guide

There are many benefits to leveraging a speech analytics solution in the contact center But with the increasing number of solutions available, businesses are faced with an overwhelming number of options This guide is designed to help any organization choose the right speech analytics solution[...]

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