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Automated Call Monitoring with Analytics

CallFinder's automated call monitoring solution with custom analytics reporting provides comprehensive insights that are essential to improving business strategies.

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Automated Reporting for the Contact center

CallFinder’s speech analytics solution provides automated analytics reporting with data that can help you address business objectives and overcome common challenges, such as script compliance and low CSAT scores. Our solution also provides agent-customer interaction analytics on every incoming call so you can capture essential customer information, call reasons, customer sentiment, and pattern metrics. Plus, every CallFinder Acuity client is assigned an experienced CallFinder Analyst to help you create custom reports to ensure that you meet and exceed your goals.
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Cloud-Based Call Analytics Dashboard with Customer Sentiment Insights

With CallFinder's user-friendly Insights dashboard, you get access to powerful customer sentiment insights to help you understand what's really happening on customer calls. CallFinder’s cloud-based interface provides a comprehensive snapshot of agent performance and a variety of search filters so you can drill down and get the current pulse on the customer experience.
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Create & Measure New Performance goals

Measure Contact Center Metrics & ROI with CallFinder's Automated Speech Analytics Solution
Lower Average Handle Times

Lower your cost per call after you use CallFinder to identify training opportunities that will help agents reduce average handle times.

Improve First Call Resolution Rates
Boost Net Promotor Scores
Optimize Call Conversion Rates

Analytics Reporting Applications

With CallFinder, you can schedule daily statistical reports on your specific searches to go to an unlimited number of contacts. These reports include topline statistics to help departments spot trends and identify areas for improvement to contribute to the overall success of the business. The call recordings can also be shared to further assist department heads and mangers find the specific calls and/or employees that may require additional attention and training. There are so many ways to use CallFinder’s speech analytics technology. Explore our resource center to learn more about how to gain critical business insights and customer intelligence to make informed strategic business decisions.

Easily Locate & Listen to Any call with Any Agent

Access each individual call recording using the audio player. You can play the call in its entirety or jump directly to the point within the conversation where specific keywords and phrases occur – the moment where the conversation is most relevant. CallFinder takes the pain out of manual call monitoring and gives you easy access to the metrics that matter most to your business.
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See CallFinder's Automated Analytics Reporting in Action

When you schedule a demo with us, we will show you all the benefits of using CallFinder’s automated analytics reporting to build scorecard searches, capture the most comprehensive and accurate call tracking analytics, assess trends in your business, and improve operations within all departments.
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