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Call Monitoring with Analytics

CallFinder's call monitoring with analytics and custom reporting provides comprehensive insights that are essential to understanding the voice of the customer.

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Automated Contact Center Reporting

CallFinder’s speech analytics solution searches your call recordings for keywords and phrases to help you address business objectives and overcome common challenges, such as script compliance and low CSAT scores. Our solution also provides agent-customer interaction analytics on every incoming call so you can capture essential customer information, call reasons and pattern metrics.

CallFinder’s Automated Analytics Reporting

With CallFinder automated call center reporting software, and our user-friendly analytics dashboard you’ll have access to powerful call analytics reports which capture insights such as:

  • Track customer call reasons to improve the customer experience.
  • Monitor competitor mentions within customer interactions.
  • Measure product mentions allowing agents to pivot upsell strategies for increase revenue opportunities.
  • Receive top-line search statistics such as number of calls found containing specific phrases.
  • Schedule delivery of reports to share across management and agent teams to track performance trends.
  • Extract scorecard data to share with agents and teams during coaching and training sessions.


CallFinder’s Cloud-Based Call Analytics Dashboard

CallFinder’s user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive snapshot of your call analytics, displaying direct access to your searches, search results, and the keywords and phrases that define your searches. You will also have access to a variety of search filters available to further drill into the call tracking analytics to discover trends in your agent-customer conversations.

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When you schedule a demo with us, we will show you all the benefits of using CallFinder’s technology to build searches, capture the most comprehensive and accurate call tracking analytics, assess trends in your business, and improve operations within all departments.


Easy Access To Recordings And Instances Of Keywords And Phrases

Access each individual call recording using the audio player. You can play the call in its entirety or jump directly to the point within the conversation that specific keywords and phrases occur – the moment where the conversation is most relevant. Pertinent keywords and phrases are displayed in phrase bubbles for easy identification.

See CallFinder’s keyword searches in action

Learn more about the suite of call tracking and monitoring reports you’ll gain access to when you implement call recording with CallFinder’s speech analytics.


Using Call Monitoring System Software To Determine New Performance Goals

Measuring Contact Center Metrics

In addition to giving you the ability to easily find keywords and phrases used in recorded conversations, CalFinder’s automated call monitoring software solution gives you access to metrics that can help you identify and set new individual agent and team performance goals.

Here are just some of the common call center and agent performance metrics you can use to set new performance goals for your individual agents as well as your team:

  • Average Handle Time
  • Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • First Call Resolution Rates
  • Net Promoter Scores
  • Call Conversion Rates
Measuring ROI On Your Call Analytics Software

Implementing a quality monitoring analytics solution has the potential to pay for itself in two ways: by lowering your costs and increasing your revenue. When you’re factoring your ROI, you should include both your cost savings and added revenue in your calculation to get an accurate idea of your actual ROI. CallFinder’s solution can help you decrease your expenses in many ways like:

  • Reducing the cost of avoidable callbacks after you improve your team’s first call resolution rate
  • Lessening the cost of quality assurance
  • Lowering your cost per call after you shorten your handle times
  • Reducing your recruitment costs by enabling you to identify training opportunities that will reduce your staff attrition rate
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To learn more about automated quality monitoring with CallFinder, and how our speech analytics technology can help you identify performance goals for your team, contact us today!