Insurance Agencies

CallFinder’s speech analytics solution for insurance agencies is designed to monitor agent performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

Protection For You And Your Customers

Insurance providers operate in a heavily regulated and highly competitive industry. We understand that agent script compliance and risk mitigation are top priorities for insurance agencies. We also understand that customer experience is a key differentiator between you and your competitors. CallFinder’s powerful speech analytics for insurance companies provides the technology needed to efficiently and accurately monitor agent performance, mitigate risk, and ensure customer satisfaction so that you can get ahead of the competition.

Common Uses Of Speech Analytics For Insurance Agencies

CallFinder Addresses Common Pain Points In The Insurance Industry, Including Risk Mitigation And Customer Experience Management

Risk & Compliance

For insurance agencies, it’s critically important to monitor agent performance and ensure script compliance. With CallFinder, you can create detailed searches within every customer interaction to help isolate non-compliant calls and the agents who need additional training. Mitigate risk and improve on-going training programs to ensure 100% compliance.

Customer Experience

The insurance services industry has the second lowest customer satisfaction rating. Improve customer satisfaction ratings with call categorization and call scoring. Pinpoint the calls that yield the lowest customer satisfaction scores and identify specific words, phrases and behaviors that you can use for training agents to provide a positive customer experiences.

Sales Opportunities

CallFinder’s speech analytics for insurance companies provides workforce and customer service analysis to help uncover phone sales training opportunities. Custom search queries can be configured to help you gather critical call analytics related to your marketing programs. Uncover competitive market trends and see how competitors promote their brand and products.

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