Automated Agent Scorecards

Give managers a deeper understanding of your agent and customer interactions and evaluate agents consistently, fairly, and accurately.

Transform Customer Interactions With Automated Scorecards

CallFinder’s automated scorecards provide an easy, reliable method for evaluating agent-customer conversations. Your contact center managers can assess individual agents and agent teams with a consistent scoring methodology that eliminates bias and provides an accurate picture of your customer interactions. Our comprehensive scorecards are automatically delivered right to your inbox or CRM system to give you more time to focus on coaching agents to deliver a better customer experience.

How Does Call Scoring Work?

Call scoring begins by identifying the criteria that makes a call successful. For instance, what part of the call led to a conversion, or did the agent remain compliant by staying on script? Agents are then scored based on your predetermined set of standards so you can facilitate and track your agents’ progress while providing consistent, unbiased feedback. With CallFinder’s scorecards, you get a clear picture of your customer interactions, along with insights you can share across your entire organization to understand sales effectiveness, customer sentiment, and even how you compare to your competitors.

Increase Revenues & Monitor Agent KPIs With CallFinder Acuity

Gain AI-Driven Insights Into Agent Performance & Coach Agents To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences To Drive Business Growth

Turn Your Contact Center Into A Revenue Machine

At CallFinder, we understand that managers don’t have the time to listen to every call. That’s why CallFinder Acuity provides automated scorecards, proven to increase contact center efficiency, productivity, and company revenues. In addition to agent and team scorecards, you also get call transcriptions, sentiment analysis, silence and overtalk detection, and customizable data reports to evaluate 100% of your agent-customer interactions. You also get an experienced Speech Analyst to help you assess agent knowledge gaps, uncover performance trends, recognize successful agents, and identify training opportunities.

Boost Revenue
Reduce Churn
Increase Set Rates
Reduce AHT

Get A Close Look At CallFinder's Automated Scorecards

Learn how easy it is to use CallFinder’s agent scorecards to drastically improve KPIs, and coach your agents to deliver an optimal customer experience on every single call. Schedule your 15-minute demo today!

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