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Agent Script Compliance

Quickly identify non-compliant agents using CallFinder's automated tools and agent insights to improve call center scripts and ensure agent script compliance.

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Improve Agent Training & Call Center Scripts

A challenge for any contact center is to identify skill gaps so management can deliver appropriate training to improve agent call outcomes. With traditional, manual monitoring, it is very difficult to evaluate every call handled by the agents, producing less than consistent results. With a speech analytics solution, you gain a more accurate understanding of your agents strengths and training needs to help you improve call center scripts and agent training programs.
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Agent Script Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Failure to follow a mandatory script or business process leads to issues with customer satisfaction and efficiency, and could put your business at risk if you operate in a regulated world. Disregarding a single non-compliant event on just one call with a customer can lead to expensive litigation and losing the customer’s trust. Using CallFinder to search calls for keywords and phrases from the script helps pinpoint non-compliant calls and offending agents, providing a jump on risk mitigation and the development of improved training programs to ensure one hundred percent (100%) compliance.
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Video Testimonials

Nicole Crawford
"CallFinder will be the foundational piece of our quality assurance program. It's what we are going to build everything else around."

Nicole Crawford

Quality Assurance Specialist, Centris Credit Union
Jennifer Small
“CallFinder has absolutely helped us increase efficiency in our admissions department. It's also made it much easier on management”

Jennifer Small

Lead Admission Specialist, Aware Recovery Care
Cheryl Beams
"Our member experience score has gone from 4.3 to a 4.7 in a few months, because we’ve been able to focus on soft skills with CallFinder."

Cheryl Beams

Service Center Manager, Verve

Benefits of Agent Script Compliance

Save Money

Prevent fines and lawsuits with automated monitoring vs. random sampling or manually listening to calls.

Save Time

Save the compliance manager’s time by exposing non-compliance instances automatically.

Save Customers

Scripts ensure a consistent customer experience, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

Monitoring Agent Script Compliance with Scorecards

Contact centers often employ scripts to ensure a positive customer experience through a consistent approach to customer interactions. CallFinder will automatically score the agent side of a conversation for following script compliance guidelines based on key phrases that are present or absent in the conversation so supervisors know where agents are following best practices. With CallFinder's automated scorecards, your business has immediate access to valuable insights and data to help you improve scripts and ensure compliance.
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Advanced Features That give you the necessary data to ensure compliance

Automated Scorecards

Accurately score individual agents and teams to improve scripts, performance, and productivity.

Sentiment Analysis

Easily identify outliers to shorten AHT, lower costs, and solve customer issues quickly.

Automated Transcriptions

Identify additional up-sell and cross-sell opportunities based on trends within customer conversations.

Silence & Overtalk

Understand which agents need additional training on soft skills to improve the overall customer experience.

Script Compliance Case Study

Knowing which employees need further professional sales training and training on call handling procedures will help your business reduce call times, improve customer satisfaction levels, encourage repeat purchases, and increase revenues — all things that positively affect your bottom line. Learn how this business used CallFinder to quickly identify which agents were using outdated versions of the script and followed up with coaching to get them on track in this case study.
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Learn How to Improve Agent Script Compliance in a 15-minute demo

To learn other ways CallFinder speech analytics software will help your business improve overall call monitoring, agent performance and training goals, please call a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700, or schedule a 15-minute demo of our call quality monitoring solution.
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