SaaS Quality Monitoring Solutions Automated QM for All Business Environments

Score, transcribe, and analyze 100% of customer interactions to discover insights and improve CX and contact center performance.

Improve Agent Performance & the Customer Experience
with CallFinder Speech Analytics

CallFinder® is the leading provider of managed cloud-based SaaS speech analytics, automated call scoring, and speech-to-text transcription with conversational insights, such as sentiment analysis and emotion detection.

Our easy-to-use, economical, and effective solution helps small and medium-sized businesses with both contact center and remote agents automate quality monitoring to improve agent performance and provide a superior customer experience.

With CallFinder, you get…

  • 100% visibility into agent-customer interactions
  • 100% monitoring of interactions, up from only 5-10%
  • A scalable solution that can grow with client needs

CallFinder isn’t just your average speech analytics provider. When you work with us, you get unparalleled, continuous support through our MyAnalyst managed client services with tailored, one-on-one training and guidance. Our analysts assist in transforming your manual Quality Monitoring processes into automatically delivered scorecards, transcripts, and reports that measure key business metrics to help you manage your business and contact center operations.

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CallFinder Solutions

Speech analytics software delivers valuable business insights and automates quality monitoring of customer-agent interactions

Monitor Agent Performance and Discover Revenue Opportunities

Use CallFinder to automatically pinpoint agent knowledge gaps and problematic or exemplary behavior to pave the way for coaching opportunities that improve performance, productivity, and call-handling strategies.
CallFinder delivers insight into customer behaviors and purchasing trends by capturing customer conversations. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge to realize your position in the market and better understand your customers’ preferences.
CallFinder automatically reports on agent performance and customer experience while extracting vital business intelligence that reveals insights to help you reduce costs, improve agent performance, and provide the optimal customer experience.

How CallFinder Works

Powerful. Affordable. Easy.

As a leading speech analytics developer, our call monitoring and automated scoring systems are scalable and grow as your business expands. Whether you have one location or many, CallFinder has a speech analytics solution to fit your business.

Make the Right Investment With CallFinder

CallFinder provides best in class speech analytics technology that is not only affordable and powerful, but is easy to use for both new and tech-savvy users alike. All CallFinder clients are supported by MyAnalyst, a service that dedicates a speech analytics specialist to ensure that businesses optimize the value delivered with CallFinder. Investing in CallFinder presents businesses with the opportunity to increase revenue and customer retention all while reducing company expenses. Contact CallFinder to learn more today.

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