The for-profit education industry encompasses a vast range of businesses from large to small, including private, post-secondary schools, institutes, colleges, and universities that provide career-specific educational programs.

Is your customer service department doing all it can to help keep students and prospective students happy? Competition within the for-profit education industry runs high, and in turn, so does the need for optimal admissions practices and exemplary customer service training.

Remain in Compliance With Our Call Monitoring Software for Education

CallFinder speech analytics and call recording software will help you uncover business intelligence on how your incoming calls are handled and identify whether admission reps are exhibiting proper script compliance. While more people are pursuing post-secondary educations in the United States than ever before, higher education providers have to abide by an ever-growing number of state and federal regulations. Adhering to these regulations is critical for a school’s contact center to be successful as you compete for the attention of promising students.

Making sure your admissions representatives and agents are complying with your script can help your school operate within the confines of the law on all governmental levels. You can monitor how closely your representatives are following your script with our call monitoring software for education.

With our software, you can create custom searches for keywords and phrases that are used in the conversations your agents have with current and prospective students. You can even search your incoming calls and categorize them based on the specific agents who handled them. These capabilities give you the opportunity to monitor the calls your agents handle and ensure they’re sticking to your script when they interact with students.

In the regulatory environment institutions of higher learning currently operate in, it’s crucial for your contact center operations be as transparent as possible. Our call monitoring software for education helps you to be just that —  transparent in everything you and your agents do.

CallFinder call monitoring software for education has built-in speech analytics and the ability to automatically track every call your admissions representatives receive. This allows you to assess the calls your contact center fields and determine the level of risk for non-compliance that any one conversation or any part of a given conversation has exposed your school to, if any. Based on your determination, you can then investigate suspect calls and provide training so similar instances don’t occur again.

Put simply, our call monitoring software for education can help you implement and maintain the best practices that are necessary to remain in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, U.S. Department of Education mandates and state regulations. That’s because you can use the system to make sure your admissions representatives and agents are following the script you prepared for them to use.

Additional Applications for Businesses in the Education Industry

In addition to helping your agents stay in compliance with your script and the law, there are many other practical applications of CallFinder speech analytics software for a business that operates within the for-profit education industry including:

  • Tracking caller inquiries by programs and by class types.
  • Monitoring the success rates of representatives at scheduling appointments.
  • Measuring the number of inquiries for tuition prices and student loan assistance programs.
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance training programs for agent success.
  • Monitoring script compliance of admission reps as they engage with students.

CallFinder’s call monitoring capabilities are extremely effective in monitoring admissions reps and agent performance for workforce and customer service analysis, and provide data for training opportunities. CallFinder call recordings can help you gather critical business intelligence as it relates to your marketing programs. It can even be used to search for trends in the market to help discover what competing for-profit education providers may be doing to promote themselves and their educational programs.

You can use CallFinder call tracking and monitoring to record incoming calls and search those call recordings for keywords and phrases relevant to your for-profit education business, and analyze the customer conversations to extract business insights. With this data, you can generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business intelligence.

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