Enroll More Students With Data-Driven Strategies

Attract new students and keep them enrolled while ensuring compliance with AI-fueled insights from CallFinder.

Apply Speech Analytics To Any Higher Education Challenge

Enroll More Students

CallFinder provides everything college administrators need to increase enrollments, improve student satisfaction, and boost revenue.

Raise Graduation Rates

Gain vital insights to understand what motivates students, and keep them on a data-driven path, from enrollment to graduation.

Ensure Compliance

Automatically monitor and score 100% of calls to identify non-compliance trends and reduce risk related to any aspect of regulatory compliance.

Boost Efficiency

Reduce QA Time by 50%

CallFinder’s automated quality monitoring solution significantly lowers the time you spend on monitoring calls, giving you the ability to scale your QA processes without hiring more staff.

Meet Admissions Goals

Increase Enrollment

Learn how to meet admissions goals and enroll more students while promoting positive student experiences using CallFinder’s agent insights and sentiment analysis.

Improve the Student Experience

Reduce AHT by 15%

CallFinder’s automated scorecards help Admissions Staff uncover common student issues and coach employees to quickly solve problems and move on to the next call to reduce Average Handle Times and overall cost.

Make Your Admissions Staff Your Strongest Ally

CallFinder Provides The Necessary Tools To Turn Your Admissions Staff Into An Enrollment Machine

Optimize Admissions Practices

Is your Admissions Department doing all it can to meet the needs of prospective students? Competition in the education industry runs high, and so does the need for optimal admissions practices and exemplary customer service training.

Ensure Script Compliance

Does your admissions staff maintain regulatory best practices? Our automated call monitoring solution keeps track of how closely your staff follows the script you provide so that your school stays in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Enhance Employee Training

Are you providing quality feedback to employees? With CallFinder, you can automatically score every call, and we’ll help you create custom scorecards to enhance training initiatives and deliver a consistent experience for all students.

Hit Your Revenue Targets

Gather critical business intelligence on your marketing programs and search for trends in the market to discover how competing education providers promote their educational programs so that you can get ahead and meet revenue goals.

We Don't Just Work With You. We Make You Part of The Team.

When you work with CallFinder, we make sure you get the most out of our solution from the start. One of our Expert Speech Analysts will work with you and your Admissions team to determine your goals, help you set up your scorecards, and continue to work with you to ensure that you and your team are fully versed in using our speech analytics software. Watch this video testimonial to see why organizations like yours love working with CallFinder.

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