CallFinder Solutions By Business Case

CallFinder helps businesses reach goals and overcome challenges by extracting critical business insights from the voice of their customers.

Apply Speech Analytics To Any Business Challenge

CallFinder works with businesses and organizations in all industries to help them develop and reach their business objectives by gaining insight into the most valuable asset they have – their customers. Explore the different use cases to learn how CallFinder can help your business.

Agent Script Compliance

Quickly identify non-compliant agents using CallFinder’s automated tools and agent insights to improve call center scripts and ensure agent script compliance.

agent on phone with customer using friendly tone from sentiment analysis software data

Automated Quality Monitoring

Augment your quality monitoring processes with automated tools to meet the demands of the modern contact center.

Call Center Performance

Boost efficiency in your call center or contact center, elevate the customer experience, and gauge agent performance on a group and individual basis with CallFinder’s call center software.

Customer Experience Management

Track agent performance, monitor script compliance, optimize call center monitoring, and improve the customer experience.

Marketing Strategy Optimization

Gain market intelligence and optimize marketing campaigns so that you can maximize your ROI and increase revenue.

Measure Sales Effectiveness

Monitor agent calls for sales effectiveness to improve call scripts, and coach your agents to close more deals and drive revenue.

Compliance Risk Management

Ensure agent script compliance to mitigate risk and avoid costly fines for businesses in highly scrutinized industries.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Maintain productivity, agent engagement, and customer satisfaction levels in remote work environments with our work from home solutions.

“Our member experience score has gone from 4.3 in January to a 4.7 in June, because we’ve been able to focus on soft skills.”
Cheryl Beams
Service Manager, Verve, a Credit Union
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CallFinder Case Studies

Kohler Increases Set Rates By 50% & Exceeds Sales Goals With 800response & CallFinder

Learn how Kohler accomplished these amazing results, and more, by working with CallFinder.

  • 50% increase in set rates
  • 30% increase in sales
  • 30-second response time to inbound calls

RoadVantage Improves Contact Center Performance With Speech Analytics From CallFinder

This case study demonstrates how RoadVantage used CallFinder to meet the following objectives.

  • Improved agent compliance on every call
  • Ensured consistency for claims processes
  • Identified customer pain points

Integrated Financial Technologies (IFT) Meets & Exceeds KPIs With CallFinder

CallFinder Impact

  • Improved QA efficiency
  • Monitored 10x the number of client-agent interactions; up from 10% to 100%
  • Reduced AHT by 3 minutes
  • Increased promise to pay by 6%
  • Increased scope of calls included in agent performance evaluations
  • Reduced time spent on QA by 50%
  • Easy Access to sentiment within conversations

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