Speech Analytics How It Works

How It Works

Learn more about how our automated quality monitoring solution works and how it can benefit your business or contact center. Or schedule a demo to see CallFinder in action.

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How CallFinder Works

Based on years of experience and extensive customer feedback, CallFinder has uniquely taken advantage of leading speech analytics technologies to deliver the only available solution that optimizes performance, functionality, and user experience without compromise. CallFinder processes calls in near real-time to systematically uncover trends and transform unstructured, unleveraged data into actionable business insights.


Why CallFinder is the Leading Speech Analytics Provider

CallFinder converts recorded agent-customer interactions into structured data for instant categorization and analysis. CallFinder will automatically report on agent performance and customer experience to help you reduce customer churn and overall costs, improve agent performance, and provide the optimal customer experience. When you use CallFinder, you have access to automated scorecards, cloud-based, user-friendly analytics dashboards, advanced reporting, and managed client services through our dedicated MyAnalyst support team.

Access Common Metrics
  • AHT – Average Handle Time
  • CSAT – Customer Satisfaction scores
  • CES – Competitive intelligence
  • FCR – First Call Resolution rates
  • NPS – Net Promoter Scores
  • Call Conversion Rates
And Grow Your Business
  • Gain visibility into the voice of the customers
  • Monitor agent script and regulatory compliance
  • Enhance workforce training
  • Manage quality monitoring
  • Analyze and improve business processes
  • Discover revenue opportunities

Delivery Options

Choose the Most Suitable Delivery Option for Your Business

We offer several delivery models to accommodate your business.

CallFinder is a fully licensed telecom carrier through our relationship with 800 Response Marketing, LLC. We can carry your call traffic and route your inbound calls to any phone number (toll-free or local). Our network will record 100% of the inbound call traffic to the phone lines you choose, index the recordings through our speech analytics solution, and automatically categorize the calls based on your search definitions.

When we carry your call traffic, we record and analyze your calls in real-time. The process is smooth, fast, and the services are more cost-effective, since it eliminates the need for a third-party call recording vendor. Recordings are available for review immediately following call completion.

CallFinder’s powerful speech indexing platform can also process pre-recorded files, without requiring you to route your calls through our telecom platform. Simply send your call recordings and metadata to CallFinder for processing, and then access your call searches, agent-customer analytics, and call reporting through the CallFinder user interface. We can process virtually any call recording format, and you can choose to send your calls as they happen, or in batches.

Data Security

We take the security and protection of your data seriously. CallFinder houses your business’s information within a secure SOC/SSAE16-accredited Equinix data center, and adds further application and user-level protections.

HIPAA Compliance at CallFinder

CallFinder is currently serving customers who are required to be HIPAA-compliant, and we are ready to include the appropriate language in our Service Order Form to address HIPAA’s rules, including the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, as may be required by the customer. We are prepared to execute the appropriate Business Associate Agreement upon request.

User Level Protection

CallFinder allows customers to control users’ access to playback and download of audio recordings. CallFinder also has the ability to restrict access to personally identifiable information in call metadata, preventing users from accessing confidential information, and thus protecting your customer information and your business reputation.

Learn more about our data security procedures and our redaction capabilities – contact a CallFinder Specialist today.