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Emotion Analysis

CallFinder’s emotion analysis detects and identifies trends in both customer and agent emotion throughout the call to help improve QA processes, the customer experience, and so much more.

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What Is Emotion Detection & Analysis?

Similar to call sentiment analysis, speech emotion recognition measures certain aspects of the agent-customer interaction to determine whether the overall emotion of either the customer or the agent is positive, negative or neutral. Accessing, detecting and analyzing customer emotions is valuable to businesses because it allows QA Managers to monitor contact center performance, specific agent performance, and customer experience metrics. Browse our products to learn more about the benefits of voice emotion analysis.
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Video Testimonials

Mitchell Taylor
"We did not have a tool that allowed us to measure empathy on agent calls. CallFinder allows us to track empathy on every call."

Mitchell Taylor

Director of Collections, Methodist Health System
Jennifer Small
"Empathy and compassion in our call handling is most important. With CallFinder, I am able to spend much more time coaching agents."

Jennifer Small

Lead Admission Specialist, Aware Recovery Care
Erin Carmona
"Empathy and putting yourself in that patient's shoes is key. Relationships with our customers are what keep them coming back."

Erin Carmona

Director of First Impressions, Best Dental

How Does Speech Emotion Analysis Work?

Emotion analysis uses a more nuanced approach to detecting acoustic and linguistic signals from a caller's voice within a call. This is used to segment calls based on series of sounds. CallFinder's speech emotion detection feature detects subtle changes in these signals to deliver KPIs based on Negative, Neutral, and Positive outcomes. Decide which agents need further coaching in any category within seconds using the emotion metrics as your guide. Browse our case studies to learn how other businesses benefit from using speech emotion recognition.
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Let Emotion Detection Take the Guesswork out of Call Quality Monitoring

CallFinder provides a nuanced understanding customer emotion while uncovering call center agent knowledge gaps and conversational trends so you can improve the areas that matter most to your business. Our advanced speech emotion analysis solution also includes automated scoring and an experienced Speech Analyst to help you strategize and create goals to create actionable intelligence. Take a look at all of CallFinder's features and take control of your call quality today.
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