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Speech Analytics Features

CallFinder’s robust suite of features gives you everything your business needs to extend the benefits of speech analytics beyond the call center. Discover insights to share with all departments within your organization, including marketing, sales, and legal departments.

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Full Suite of Call Center Monitoring Tools

CallFinder's automated quality monitoring solutions include everything that businesses and call centers need to reach established performance goals. With a full suite of AI-fueled features and tools, CallFinder provides insights into every call to help businesses make informed, strategic decisions that will improve company procedures, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. Explore our features to learn how CallFinder turns recorded calls into valuable assets for any organization.


We use CallFinder to identify areas where agents need additional coaching, which helps develop training content based on the trends we’ve seen within the calls. We continue to increase our compliance rates thanks to CallFinder.

Sam Wilkerson

Quality Assurance Manager
CallFinder has a great foundation, and they are continuously adding new features based on customer feedback. They created a new search algorithm based on our requests, using variable data that we sent them.

Steve Denbow

Senior Program Manager
We have been extremely happy with everything, including the setup and onboarding. All the support staff and technical folks made it very easy to get things up and running. The continuous support also makes things extremely easy.

Dave Kilby

Director of Operations

Automated Scorecards & Call Scoring Features

Consistently score 100% of your customer interactions to improve agent performance and the customer experience. With CallFinder's automated scorecards, you can review and score every call, every agent, and every agent team, pinpointing areas where they struggle while highlighting their strengths. Save time as you facilitate and track your agents' progress by setting goals and formulating KPIs around company standards and procedures.
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Managed Client Support

This is perhaps our biggest differentiator in terms of features. When you sign up with our most advanced solution, CallFinder Acuity, you are assigned an experienced CallFinder Analyst who becomes an extension of your QA team. Your analyst will work with you to define your goals, and set criteria necessary to start gaining value from the CallFinder solution immediately.There's no need to hire outside consulting services to use CallFinder. We do all the heavy-lifting for you and continue working with you for the life of the contract.
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Speech to Text Transcription

CallFinder’s speech to text transcription enables users to easily search full transcripts of agent-customer call recordings for keywords, providing a quick visual into 100% of contact center interactions. CallFinder’s automated call transcriptions empower businesses to turn customer interactions into powerful tools for implementing change across all departments.
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Silence & Overtalk Detection

Silence and overtalk detection provides a clearer view of the contexts and meanings of customer interactions by detecting the nuances that determine whether agents need further training, or other issues are at play.Detecting silence and overtalk during conversations will ulimately help identify customer pain points, agent shortcomings, positive reactions, and ensure that your agents are supporting customers in the best way possible.
Silence & Overtalk Detection

Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

CallFinder’s speech to text transcription engine uses automated intelligence to analyze calls for sentiment and emotion. Sentiment Analysis uses specific words and phrases to quantify the mood of a conversation. The data gathered from CallFinder’s sentiment and emotion detection has many benefits, including improving CX and agent performance through uncovering conversational trends.
Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

Custom Analytics Reporting

Capture top-line statistics and drill down into specific search categories and conversations for a more detailed analysis of call trends, and listen to calls to analyze agent performance and hear the voice of the customer. CallFinder's custom reports can be segmented and downloaded for further analysis and shared across the organization to evaluate and coach agents and employees, and to implement change management.
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Take the guesswork out of Quality Assurance & take control of Your Success

CallFinder's solutions transcribe and analyze every recorded customer interaction to provide a nuanced understanding of your customers while uncovering agent knowledge gaps and conversational trends so you can improve the areas that matter most to your business. Our advanced solution includes automated scorecards and an experienced Speech Analyst who works with you to set goals and create strategies to ensure that you get the outcomes you want and the most value out of our solution. Take a quick tour of CallFinder and start taking control of your success.
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