Automate Your Call Reviews with AI-Fueled Features

CallFinder provides you with AI-fueled features that help you improve contact center customer engagements, gain and share insights, and improve QA and call performance. Gain insights into all customer calls so you can make more informed business decisions and create data-driven customer experience strategies.

Managed Client Services

CallFinder’s Managed Client Services and team of expert Speech Analysts sets us apart from the competition, and sets you up for success. No other provider offers ongoing support from an assigned Analyst who works with your QA team to define goals, suggest improvements, and continue to optimize the value of your investment.

Agent Scorecards

Monitor and score thousands of calls with consistency and accuracy, all at the click of a button. Use the time you’ll save to focus on coaching agents, tracking upsells and KPIs, and monitoring the customer experience.

Call Transcriptions

Quickly identify and react to trending issues, gain insights on key phrases and call reasons, uncover revenue opportunities, and coach agents on what’s actually happening on calls with searchable call transcriptions.

Analytics Reporting

Gain value from CallFinder from day one with our easy-to-use analytics reporting. With a variety of options to send and share reports, you can customize reports to fit the needs of your entire QA team, your agents, or even decision makers.

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Easily identify whether the overall value of a call is positive, negative, or neutral. Use these insights to coach on specific topics, such as de-escalation techniques or word choices that affect a caller’s mood, to increase customer satisfaction and gain quick wins.

Silence and Overtalk Detection

This unique feature helps QA managers quickly pinpoint trends and conversation nuances to quickly identify customer pain points, build on positive interactions, and give agents the confidence they need to make every call successful.

Transform Your QA to Transform Your CX 

Reduction in AHT
Increase in Revenue
Reduction in Agent Churn
Reduction in QA Time
Customer Needs Visibility

CallFinder Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Erin Carmona talks about how CallFinder’s solution significantly reduced the time it took to review patient calls and provide their Dental clients with timely call data and actionable insights to improve the patient experience.
Erin Carmona
Director of First Impressions
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Jennifer explains how CallFinder helped her team increase admissions by giving Managers more time to spend on coaching agents to handle calls with empathy and compassion. Learn why they chose CallFinder to revolutionize the way they supervise employees.
Jennifer Small
Lead Admission Specialist at Aware Recovery Care
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