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Easily Discover the Conversations, Obtain Actionable Data

CallFinder includes all of the necessary analytics reporting elements needed to help your call center reach established performance goals and turn your recorded calls into valuable assets. With a full suite of call center reporting software tools, from call metrics to automated call monitoring solutions and scorecards, CallFinder will provide your business with the necessary data to make informed, strategic business decisions.

Use CallFinder’svoice analytics software to extract call center metrics relevant to your business and use that knowledge to make informed strategic business decisions that will improve company procedures, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Features of CallFinder Speech Analytics

  • Analytics Reporting:
    Capture top-line statistics and drill down into specific search categories and conversations for more detailed analysis of call trends, and listen to calls to analyze agent performance and hear the voice of the customer. Analytics reporting can be segmented and downloaded for further analysis, reporting, and sharing across the organization.Extract call metrics important to your business like:

    • Agent productivity and performance.
    • Average call handling times.
    • Call abandon rates – when a customer hangs up before the issue is resolved.
    • Call conversion rates.
    • Call transfer rates.
    • Call wait times.
    • Cost per call.
    • First call resolution rates.
    • Script compliance by agent.
    • Up-sell and Cross-sell rates.

    You can turn the insights and intelligence gleaned from these reports into action – Evaluate and coach agents and employees, and implement change management.
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  • Call Categorization:
    Real-time call categorization based on customized search definitions.
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  • Call Scoring:
    Consistently score 100 percent of your customer interactions to improve agent performance and the customer experience.
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  • Analytics Dashboard:
    User-friendly call analytics dashboard to organize call data and keep a pulse on your searches, and instant call audio player to review conversations.
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  • Speech Analytics Benefits:
    There are so many benefits to using CallFinder’s automated call categorization technology. You’ll gain access to key performance metrics, as well as gaincritical business insights and customer intelligence to make informed strategic business decisions.
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Share the Knowledge Company-wide

Speech analytics lets you quickly search audio for keywords and phrases important to your business. Call recordings that contain your specific terms are indexed and categorized quickly and easily. This ability to locate key phrases in your customer conversations extends the benefits of speech analytics beyond the call center by allowing discovered insights to be shared with all departments within your organization, including marketing, sales, and legal departments.

With CallFinder, you can schedule daily statistical reports on your specific searches to go to an unlimited number of contacts. These reports include topline statistics to help departments spot trends and identify areas for improvement to contribute to the overall success of the business. The call recordings can also be shared to further assist department heads and mangers find the specific calls and/or employees that may require additional attention and training.

Experience CallFinder’s Speech Analytics Solution

Learn more about the specific features and benefits of CallFinder call recording and speech analytics and then contact us to schedule a demo of the CallFinder interface to see how easily you can start discovering insights into customer relations.

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