Quality Monitoring For Collections Agencies

The expectations are high for collections agencies to provide the best service for their clients – let CallFinder help you exceed your customer’s expectations.

Challenges For Collections Agencies

The expectations are high for collections agencies. They must provide the best service for their clients – maximizing collections success, while providing a positive experience for the people they’re collecting from – and staying compliant with rules and regulations as they change. CallFinder helps collections firms overcome these challenges by analyzing every agent-customer interaction to achieve call center compliance, mitigate risk, and increase payment rates.

Why Automate Call Quality Monitoring With Speech Analytics

CallFinder’s Automated Solution Delivers Accurate, Detailed Performance Statistics On Every Debt Collection Agent

Analyze Interactions

With automated agent scorecards, you can search, categorize, and analyze the content of your agents’ conversations with debtors. Gain a deeper understanding of what makes a successful collections call, and where agents may need additional training to achieve success.

Ensure Compliance

With speech analytics, debt collection companies can monitor calls to enforce compliance processes, identify agents who stray from the script, and mitigate risk. Ensure compliance with agent performance evaluations and insights from customer interactions.

Boost Collection Rates

With CallFinder, you can monitor calls in a way that is not possible with random sampling or manually listening to every recorded call in its entirety. This in-depth analysis gives you the data to improve operational processes and increase collection rates to satisfy your clients.

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