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As with any industry, competition is strong for debt collection agencies. And, expectations are high for the agencies to provide the best service for their clients – maximizing collections success, while providing a positive experience for the people they’re collecting from, and staying compliant with rules and regulations as they change.

Achieve Successful Debt Collections with CallFinder

CallFinder will help ease these challenges by analyzing every agent-customer interaction to achieve call center compliance and mitigate risk, improve agent performance, and increase payment rates. Our automated quality monitoring and scorecard solutions allow debt collection agencies to gain insights into how their agents interact with and collect debt from your customers.

By searching, categorizing, and analyzingthe content of your agents’ conversations with debtors, you’ll gain a deep understanding of what makes a successful collections call, where agents may need additional training to achieve success, and how to improve operational processes to increase collection rates to satisfy your clients.

Obtain Accurate Agent Performance with Call Scoring


CallFinder’s automated scorecards will deliver accurate, detailed performance statistics on every debt collection agent, as well as across your team of agents.

With speech analytics, debt collection companies can monitor calls to enforce compliance processes, identify agents that can benefit from additional training and share best practices from collectors who are highly successful.

Deliver Positive Customer Experiences

Debt collection can be a sensitive business. By monitoring calls for quality assurance, and measuring agent performance and success rates, you’ll gain the insights necessary to analyze and deliver positive customer experiences, both for your clients you are collecting on behalf of, as well as for the debtors you are collecting from.

We will work with your unique business needs to provide custom search definitions, call categorization architecture, and help you build scorecards so that you can overcome these business challenges.

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