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The Many Benefits of Speech Analytics For All Businesses

Today’s consumers have more options to contact businesses than ever before, including email, online chat, social media, and…

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A Superior Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

Providing an unmatched superior customer experience with speech analytics has become the goal of nearly all of today’s…

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2 Ways Speech Analytics Helps Provide Excellent Customer Experiences

As customer experience continues to be the prime focus of today’s successful businesses, the importance of contact centers…

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Reduce Attrition With Speech Analytics And Agent Training

As more and more companies realize that providing an exceptional customer experience to their success, the role of…

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CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring

CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring and Scorecard Functionality   BURLINGTON, Vermont, March 16, 2017 – CallFinder® (,…

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Clear Business Value With Speech Analytics To Communicate

Since the dawn of time, as long as there has been communication, there have been miscommunications, especially in…

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3 Tips To Ensure Customer Happiness With Speech Analytics

Ensure customer happiness with speech analytics, and your business will be successful. You’ve probably heard the age-old philosophical…

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3 Call Center Technology Trends To Watch In 2017

It’s the start of another new year, which means people all across the country are making resolutions to…

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