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agent using call sentiment analysis

6 Ways Call Sentiment Analysis Can Help Your Crisis Center

Are you looking for ways to increase admissions at your crisis center Maybe you want to reduce call handling times, or you need to monitor agents for script compliance Or, you want an in-depth knowledge of the type of experience your clients get from agents You can do all of this and more with call[...]

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Call Center Scorecard Use Cases & Quick Wins

As speech analytics technology continues to make its way into more call centers, automated scorecards are now the standard tool for agent training programs But a call center scorecard can reveal much more than how your agents perform on any given day When used correctly, scorecards can[...]

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7 Ways to Improve the Credit Union Member Experience

Recently, we wrote about the importance of regulation compliance in the credit union industry Now it’s time to discuss another factor credit unions must pay attention to: member experience The experience a credit union provides determines whether or not someone remains loyal, or if they take[...]

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CallFinder is Moving to Support New Growth

CallFinder is very pleased to announce that on March 1st, 2022, we are moving to a new location! While we are still located in South Burlington, Vermont, we're expanding to a larger space to better serve our growing customer base You can find our new offices at the following address:[...]

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What Is Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer experience (CX) is considered the key differentiator between one organization and another Providing the best possible experience to your customers gives you a competitive advantage over the rest of the market, regardless of your industry That said, no CX strategy is complete without[...]

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3 Ways to Ensure Credit Union Regulatory Compliance

We live in a world full of information available at our fingertips Unfortunately, this information is also available to people with less than honorable intentions For this reason, many industries have strict regulations to protect both businesses and consumers Perhaps the most regulated[...]

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