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Boost MX Scores with CallFinder's Automated QA Solutions for Credit Unions

CallFinder automatically reviews and scores 100% of your member interactions so you can focus on what matters most to your credit union, and to your members.

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Why Credit Unions Love CallFinder

If there is one thing credit unions want people to know, it’s that they are not banks. At CallFinder, we understand that credit unions are member-owned and offer unique services and benefits. This means credit unions have distinct language and terms they use in their industry. So naturally, credit unions want to work with a speech analytics vendor that understands – and speaks – their language. But that’s just one of the reasons credit unions love CallFinder. Hear them all in this video!

How CallFinder Improves Member Experiences

Speech Analytics for Credit Unions

CallFinder helps credit unions boost member experience scores, meet revenue goals, and build a proactive and successful approach to call reviews, all while saving valuable time with our automated QA solution. Learn how we can help your credit union in this short video.

Your Member Data is Safe With Us

CallFinder's Data Security & Privacy Policy

At CallFinder, we take the security and protection of your data seriously. That’s why we offer several data security procedures and redaction capabilities to accommodate the security and privacy needs of your credit union and to protect confidential information provided in conversations with your members.

Data Security

We apply both application and user-level protections to prevent users from accessing confidential information. Contact us to learn more about our data redaction capabilities.

SOC 2 Compliance

As a SOC 2 compliant vendor, CallFinder has the appropriate protocols in place to mitigate risks related to security, confidentiality, and privacy. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

User-Level Protection

CallFinder offers the ability to control users’ access to audio recordings and/or access to personally identifiable information, preventing users from accessing confidential information.

Manual QA? There's a Better Way!

Monitor Thousands of Calls at The Click of a Button

Ready to say goodbye to outdated, manual call QA? Learn how your credit union can benefit from CallFinder’s automated scorecards, searchable transcripts, and our unique Managed Client Support team of friendly, speech analytics experts.

Better Member Communication

Monitor the member experience with automated transcripts and our Insights dashboard with sentiment & emotion analysis for a proactive approach to improving MX.

Ongoing Managed Services

One of the best parts of working with CallFinder – your assigned Analyst will meet with you regularly with ideas for how to apply the solution to fit your needs accomplish your goals.

Automated Quality Assurance

Our automated scorecards offer an unbiased approach understanding agent coaching needs and improving agent performance with tons of advanced features.

Video Testimonials From Our Credit Union Clients

“Before CallFinder, our QA process was completely manual. If you need to free up some time with scoring calls, then absolutely speak with CallFinder.”
Nicole Crawford
Quality Assurance Specialist, Centris Credit Union
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“Our member experience score has gone from 4.3 in January to a 4.7 in June, because we’ve been able to focus on soft skills.”
Cheryl Beams
Service Manager, Verve, a Credit Union
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“CallFinder helped us save many hours and serves as an invaluable tool to ensure our valued members receive the best service possible.”
Henry Antonov
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, 4Front Credit Union
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