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Call Center Agent Performance Quality Management

Being a call center agent is often a difficult job. Agents have to address technical problems, follow scripts, handle angry customers and work in a fast-paced environment. When you also consider that their calls are often recorded and that their managers can usually break into their live conversations, it’s no wonder why some call center agents get a little stressed out on occasion.

One way you can calm your agents is by assuring them that your call center recording system isn’t designed to find reasons for you to berate them. While the system can identify calls that could have been handled better, the system is in place for you to improve the call center customer experience and gauge call center agent performance on a group and individual basis.

Call Center Quality Management

Today’s call center recording technology provides business owners and managers with the tools they need to improve their call center quality management. You can listen to calls as they’re happening and you can analyze your recorded calls individually or together. You can search categories of calls using certain keywords and phrases or your system can search all of your recorded calls at once. This capability can help you identify key business trends and areas where your team and its members can make improvements.

A call recording system can help you improve call center agent performance because it tracks certain metrics. You can use these performance indicators as part of your employee review and factor them into the final performance grade you give to an agent.

Some of the more common metrics many call center managers use to evaluate their team and their individual agents include the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • First Call Resolution Rate
  • Average Wait Time
  • Conversion Rate
  • Calls per Hour
  • Abandon Rate
  • Average Handle Time
  • Call Wrap-Up Time

Tips to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

While metrics are normally an accurate reflection of how someone is performing their job, you can use your call recording software to improve call center agent performance in other ways. You can mine your recorded calls to identify patterns or trends that are negatively influencing your agents’ efficiency and productivity, for example. Based on your findings, you can then make changes that will help your call center agents have greater success.

If customers tend to abandon calls consistently three minutes in, you can examine your sales script to see if you can make any changes that will make it less likely your customers will hang up, for instance. If your operating system is outdated and it takes your agents too much time to navigate between screens, you may want to invest in newer technology to improve your agents’ efficiency.

One of the smartest things you can do to improve your employees’ performance is to make sure you have the right call recording software at your location. If you want to see how having the right call recording technology can improve your team’s performance on individual and group bases, contact CallFinder. Call us to learn about the contact center monitoring solution that’s perfect for your business or call center now.