Call Center Quality Monitoring

Boost efficiency in your call center or contact center, elevate the customer experience, and gauge agent performance on a group and individual basis with CallFinder’s call center quality monitoring software.

Measure Call Center Performance

Being a call center agent is often a difficult job. Agents have to address technical problems, follow scripts, handle angry customers and work in a fast-paced environment. When you also consider all this, it’s no wonder why some contact center agents get a little stressed out on occasion. One way you can reassure your agents and measure call center performance is to use CallFinder’s automated call quality monitoring software to track contact center performance.

Transform Your QA to Improve Your Bottom Line

Lower CPC
Less Churn
Reduced AHT

Call Center Quality Monitoring Software

One of the smartest things you can do to improve and track call center performance is to make sure you have the right call quality assurance software. If you want to see how CallFinder’s call center quality monitoring software can improve contact center performance for individual agents and agent teams, schedule a demo of our automated call center monitoring solution. Or take a short product tour now!

CallFinder's Automated Contact Center Performance Features

CallFinder Makes It Easy To Improve Contact Center Performance With Automated Tools And Features Designed For Monitoring And Training Call Center Agents.

Automated Scorecards

Quickly assess your agents with consistent, unbiased scoring.

Customer Sentiment

Get a visual representation of how your customers feel at every phase of the call.

Silence & Overtalk

Get an accurate picture of your agents’ soft skills during customer interactions.

MSaaS Client Support

Work with an Analyst to ensure accurate results and your ROI, for the life of your contract.

Video Testimonials

“Before CallFinder, our QA process was completely manual. If you need to free up some time with scoring calls, then absolutely speak with CallFinder.”
Nicole Crawford
Quality Assurance Specialist, Centris Credit Union
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“Our member experience score has gone from 4.3 in January to a 4.7 in June, because we’ve been able to focus on soft skills.”
Cheryl Beams
Service Manager, Verve, a Credit Union
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“CallFinder helped us save many hours and serves as an invaluable tool to ensure our valued members receive the best service possible.”
Henry Antonov
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, 4Front Credit Union
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Call Center Quality Monitoring: Improving The KPIs That Matter

Productivity Tools Needed To Measure & Improve Contact Center Performance

CSAT Scores

Improve your CSAT scores with automated tools to ensure that your contact center agents give customers the satisfaction they deserve.

Average Handle Time

Reduce the average handle time on every call using CallFinder’s automated tools and built-in client support.

First Call Resolution

Resolve customer questions and issues on the first call and improve first call resolution rates by improving scripts and agent training.

Abandon Rates

With CallFinder’s easy-to-use, automated software, you can track and improve abandon rates using sentiment analysis & agent insights.

Average Wait Time

With 100% visibility into your calls, you can see why customers are on longer holds to reduce average wait times in your contact center.

Cost Per Call

Contact center efficiency is all about reducing cost. CallFinder gives you the tools needed to reduce your cost per call & improve efficiency.

Contact Center Agent Training

While KPIs are normally an accurate reflection of overall job performance, you can use CallFinder to improve contact center agent performance in specific ways. Start with CallFinder’s automated transcriptions to search, view, and listen to any of your recorded calls to help you identify key business trends and areas where your agents can make improvements. Identify patterns or trends that are negatively influencing efficiency and productivity. Or use agent scorecards to compare agents and motivate agents who fall behind. Based on your findings, you can then work with your assigned Analyst to make changes that will help your agents have greater success in the contact center.

Monitor & Improve Call Center Performance

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