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CallFinder has become one of the nation’s top speech analytics solutions vendors by selling the best speech analytics software available.

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30% More Sales

40% Less Churn

30% Reduced AHT

Why Choose CallFinder Over Other Speech Analytics Solutions

Before you choose a software system to monitor calls, it’s imperative that you compare speech analytics solution providers. When you’re comparing vendors, look at more than just their technology. Look at how they support their end users and the training they provide. To get the most out of a conversational speech analytics solution, you need to know how to use it, so the training and support a company provides are just as important as the system itself. CallFinder's Managed Client Support sets us apart from other speech analytics providers. Learn how CallFinder helps business of all sizes and in all industries succeed and grow with our speech analytics solutions.
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Video Testimonials

Mitchell Taylor
Methodist Health System increases payment plan percentages by 25% and self-pay collections by $150,000 per month through CallFinder’s solution.

Mitchell Taylor

Director of Collections
Jennifer Small
Aware Recovery Care increases admissions by coaching agents to handle calls with empathy and compassion using CallFinder's sentiment and emotion analysis.

Jennifer Small

Lead Admission Specialist
Erin Carmona
Best Dental significantly reduces patient call review time, and provides their Dental clients with call data and patient experience insights using CallFinder.

Erin Carmona

Director of First Impressions

MSaaS Speech Analytics Solution with Built-in Client Support

CallFinder's built-in client support is like no other in the industry. Every CallFinder speech analytics client is assigned to an experienced CallFinder analyst who becomes an extension of your QA team. Your Analyst works with you to define your goals and continue working with you well beyond implementation to ensure your success with our solution.Unlike other providers, CallFinder does all the heavy-lifting for you so that you never need to hire outside consulting services or additional staff in order to effectively use CallFinder.
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Apply Speech Analytics to any business challenge

CallFinder works with businesses and organizations in all industries to help them develop and reach their business objectives by gaining insight into the most valuable asset they have - their customers. Explore the different use cases to learn how CallFinder can help your business.

Automated Quality Monitoring

Augment your quality monitoring processes with automated tools to meet the demands of the modern contact center.
Explore AQM Solutions

Remote Workforce Solutions

Maintain productivity, agent engagement, and customer satisfaction levels in remote work environments with our work from home solutions.
Work From Home Solutions

Customer Experience Management

Track agent performance, monitor script compliance, optimize call center monitoring, and improve the customer experience.
CX Mangement Solutions

Compliance Risk Management

Ensure agent script compliance to mitigate risk and avoid costly fines for businesses in highly scrutinized industries.
Compliance Risk Solutions

Marketing Strategy Optimization

Gain market intelligence and optimize marketing campaigns so that you can maximize your ROI and increase revenue.
Marketing Strategy Solutions

Measure Sales Effectiveness

Monitor agent calls for sales effectiveness to improve call scripts, and coach your agents to close more deals and drive revenue.
Sales Effectiveness Solutions

Stay Competitive in Your Industry

At CallFinder, we understand that every industry is unique. And so is every business. Learn how CallFinder addresses the unique challenges of every industry to help businesses improve agent performance, enhance CX, and drive more revenue in the contact center.

BPOs & Call Centers

Evaluate CX, and hear customer interactions first-hand without hiring more staff.
Learn More About BPOs

Credit Unions & Banks

Improve the member experience, while ensuring compliance & increasing payment rates.
Financial Institutions


Maintain HIPAA compliance and a positive patient experience with actionable insights.
Healthcare Solutions


Ensure agent script compliance to mitigate risk and other top priorities for insurance agencies.
Insurance Agencies

Small Business

Learn how call monitoring software can benefit your startup or small to medium-sized business.
Startups & Small Businesses


Gain insights on current & prospective students to maintain and increase student enrollment.
Educational Institutions

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