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Learn everything you need to know about speech analytics, from how it works to all the benefits of leveraging a speech analytics solution and working with CallFinder.

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Full Suite of Call Center Monitoring Tools

CallFinder includes all of the necessary analytics reporting elements needed to help your call center reach established performance goals and turn your recorded calls into valuable assets. With a full suite of call center reporting software tools, CallFinder provides your business with the data to make informed, strategic business decisions that will improve company procedures, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.
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Engage Your Employees

Create Realistic Goals
Track your agents’ performance with call scoring technology that you can use to set actionable, realistic goals.
Improve Agent Performance
Improve performance by providing ongoing training, guided by real-time data from daily customer conversations.
Empower Your Employees
When you give your agents the right tools to keep them engaged and satisfied, you boost morale and ultimately reduce attrition.

Boost Customer experiences

Choose Your KPIs
Identify the key performance indicators that matter to your customers to learn how your customers are interacting with your call agents.
Understand the VoC
Understand the voice of your customer to anticipate their needs, improve interactions, and deliver faster, more positive resolutions.
Create Omnichannel Tactics
With advanced speech analytics applied across every channel, you can provide a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.

Execute Profitable Sales & Marketing Strategies

Know Your Competition
Quickly search and categorize your call recordings for keywords and phrases about your competition and know where you stand with customers.
Expand Your Revenue Stream
Get insights on customer behaviors and purchasing trends to know which products and services your customers would like to see.
Increase Marketing ROI
Use customer preferences to ensure brand consistency, optimize marketing campaigns, and maximize marketing spend.