Automated Quality Monitoring For Healthcare Providers

CallFinder is proven to improve the patient experience with actionable insights on every caller.

How Are You Monitoring The Patient Experience?

Competition in the health care industry runs high, and in turn so does the need for optimal customer service training to ensure a positive experience for patients. CallFinder speech analytics and call recording software provides you with the call analysis you need to ensure your company is working effectively to help keep your customers or patients happy.

CallFinder Improves The Patient Experience & Much More

CallFinder Improves Employee Behavior And Performance In A Way That Directly Impacts Customer Satisfaction.

Risk Management

Legislation in the health care industry is strict. Providers must carefully monitor agent performance and script compliance to make sure their agents use the proper disclaimers and disclosures. With call monitoring software in place, you can ensure that your agents are abiding by legislation and HIPAA regulations during their conversations with customers.

Patient Experience

CallFinder’s call monitoring software augments your quality monitoring processes so managers can review specific parts of conversations or assess individual agent performance with automated scorecards and sentiment analysis. Our technology ensures that your employees consistently provide the best experience for your patients.

Case Studies

CallFinder is proven to improve key performance indicators, such as average handle time, customer satisfaction scores, first call resolution rates, net promoter scores and call conversion rates. CallFinder also provides competitive intelligence to help you stand out from the competition. Browse our case studies to learn more about CallFinder.

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