Health Care Call Monitoring Program, Systems & Software


The health care industry encompasses a vast range of businesses from large to small, including insurance companies, hospital networks and your local community health centers.

Competition in the health care industry runs high, and in turn so does the need for optimal customer service training and script compliance. Furthermore, legislation in the health care industry is strict. You have to carefully monitor agent performance and script compliance of your frontline employees to make sure they are stating the proper disclaimers and disclosures. With call monitoring software in place, you can ensure that your agents are abiding by legislation and HIPAA regulations during their conversations with customers. CallFinder speech analytics and call recording software provides you with the call analysis you need to ensure your company is working effectively to help keep your customers or patients happy.

If you’re interested in designing a health care call monitoring program to ensure your team is in line with HIPAA guidelines, CallFinder can help. Our health care call monitoring software can enable your auditors to review specific parts of conversations or even individual talking points simply by creating keyword search definitions with our phonetics analytics technology. This capability can help ensure your agents are saying the right things consistently and help you avoid litigation that could end up costing millions of dollars.

In addition to helping you stay in line with HIPAA, there are many other practical applications of CallFinder call center scripting software for businesses within the healthcare industry including:

  • Tracking sources of inbound calls, like marketing initiatives or referrals.
  • Measuring the rate of appointment setting for both booked and non-booked appointments.
  • Tracking inquiries by procedure type as requested by callers.
  • Tracking numbers of Medicare and Medicaid patients.
  • Identifying high-performing customer-facing agents.
  • Adjusting workforce training programs to produce more high-performing representatives.
  • Tracking missed calls and recapturing lost opportunities.
  • Capturing patient information.
  • Monitoring insurance inquiries.

CallFinder call recording and speech analytics software will help you uncover non-compliant events while monitoring agent performance for workforce and customer service analysis and training opportunities. Custom search queries can be configured to help you gather critical business intelligence related to your marketing programs and uncover competitive health care provider contact center technology trends related to how they promote themselves and their services.

With our health care call monitoring system, you can evaluate the performance of your individual agents as well as your whole team in accordance with some key performance indicators. These KPIs include average handle time, customer satisfaction scores, first call resolution rates, net promoter scores and call conversion rates. Our health care call monitoring service can also provide competitive intelligence you can use to make your location stand apart from the competition.

You can use CallFinder to record incoming calls and search those call recordings for keywords and phrases relevant to your health care business. Equipped with this call quality monitoring data, you can then analyze customer conversations to glean business insights that will help you ensure call quality, monitor agent performance, generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business intelligence.

Whether you’re looking for a full service call monitoring system or you want call monitoring services for your healthcare or health insurance company, our call monitoring systems can provide the insights and accountability you’re looking for. 

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