Call Sentiment Analysis

CallFinder’s call sentiment analysis software can easily identify common customer pain points and areas for improvement in the call center for a better customer experience.

Understanding Customer Call Sentiment

Understanding customer sentiment is crucial to offering them the best possible experience. That’s why caller voice sentiment analysis and emotion detection are included in all of CallFinder’s products to help businesses determine whether the overall experience of any conversation is positive, negative or neutral. This valuable feature monitors the customer experience to understand how callers feel about the company as a whole, including brand and product sentiment, how the company compares with competitors, and any other aspect of the customer experience. Browse our products to learn more about the benefits of voice sentiment analysis.

Video Testimonials

Mitchell reveals how CallFinder’s solution measured empathy on every agent phone call, which increased the percentage of their payment plans by 25% and their self-pay collections by $150,000 per month. Learn how improving efficiency and agent performance can help your business.
Mitchell Taylor
Director of Collections for Methodist Health System
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Jennifer explains how CallFinder helped her team increase admissions by giving Managers more time to spend on coaching agents to handle calls with empathy and compassion. Learn why they chose CallFinder to revolutionize the way they supervise employees.
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Erin Carmona talks about how CallFinder’s solution significantly reduced the time it took to review patient calls and provide their Dental clients with timely call data and actionable insights to improve the patient experience.
Erin Carmona
Director of First Impressions
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How Call Sentiment Analysis Works

At its simplest, sentiment analysis uses specific words and phrases to quantify the mood of a conversation. Most call sentiment analysis services rely on advanced algorithms that have been trained and refined using millions of customer service calls. This technology uses natural language processing to examine the text and extract meaningful insights. These algorithms tag specific emotions like frustration and satisfaction, and then score the relative strength and magnitude of the emotions on a normalized scale. When voice sentiment analysis scores are compared across a selection of data, such as a date range, variable agents, and more, the data gathered can be used for a variety of benefits, including elevating the customer experience and improving contact center agent performance.

How Does CallFinder's Sentiment Analysis Work?

CallFinder’s sentiment analysis works in much the same way, starting with transcribing the customer audio into text using our advanced automatic speech recognition technology. Everything we do at CallFinder begins with a text transcript of the call that can be analyzed. This includes detecting emotional signals and sentiment based on word choice, grammar structures, voice, tone, and more. Finally, the emotions, sentiments and transcripts are all aggregated into analytic dashboards, detail reports, scorecards, and visualizations, making the data easy to digest and actionable. you also work with a CallFinder Analyst who will help you refine the solution to fit your needs.

Here are some of the top benefits of call sentiment analysis.

Benefits of Call Sentiment Analysis

Evaluate CX

Sentiment analysis digs beneath the surface to expose how customers truly feel. This differs greatly from broad customer satisfaction scores, providing an authentic view into pain points and the true customer experience.

Be Proactive

Identify negative sentiment trends in certain customer conversations before it impacts the customer experience. Along with emotion detection, this enables you to be proactive and course correct.

Automate Quality Assurance

Automatically flag poor or successful calls for quality assurance based on positive, negative, or neutral sentiment scores. This saves huge amounts of time, effort, and valuable resources.

Analyze Results

Analyze exactly which parts of the product or customer experience or spark frustration or satisfaction. Then double down on what’s working well and improve customer pain points.

See What Customers Say

Easily search for language used in positive or negative customer interactions to help QA managers monitor trends and ensure compliance with automated, searchable call transcriptions.

Understand What's Not Said

Silence & Overtalk is a unique feature that quickly pinpoints areas where an agent took too long to answer a question or was speaking over a customer to uncover nuances and customer pain points.

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Optimize Call Quality Monitoring Efficiency With Automated Sentiment Analysis

CallFinder’s solutions transcribe and analyze every recorded customer interaction to provide a nuanced understanding caller sentiments while uncovering agent knowledge gaps and conversational trends so you can improve the areas that matter most to your business. Our advanced solution also includes automated scorecards and an experienced Speech Analyst who works with you to set goals and create strategies to ensure that you get the outcomes you want and the most value out of our solution. Take a quick tour of CallFinder and start taking control of your success.

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