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Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

CallFinder’s sentiment and emotion analysis solution identifies common pain points and agent knowledge gaps to increase customer satisfaction.

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Sentiment Analysis Solution

CallFinder’s sentiment and emotion analysis solution can easily identify common pain points, areas for improvement in the contact center, as well as overall customer satisfaction. See CallFinder’s sentiment detection and emotion analysis solution in action during a live demo.

How Sentiment Detection Works

CallFinder’s transcription engine uses intelligence gathered within interactions to scan calls for specific words (sentiment) and tone (emotion).

At its simplest, sentiment detection uses specific words and phrases to quantify the mood of a conversation. For example, if during a customer conversation the words “I’m so happy with my new…” are spoken, this indicates a positive sentiment, whereas the words “You’re not understanding my needs…” would be scored as a negative sentiment.

When sentiment analysis scores are compared across a selection of data, such as a date range, variable agents, and more, the data gathered can be used for a variety of benefits, including elevating the customer experience and improving agent performance.

Accessing & Analyzing Customer Emotions with CallFinder’s Emotion Analysis

Emotion detection analyzes acoustic features to determine if a series of utterances reflect emotions ranging from strongly positive to strongly negative. Any subtle change in intonation, volume, or tone of speech can lead to an emotion classification. Accessing and analyzing customer emotions is valuable to businesses because it allows QA Managers to monitor contact center performance, specific agent performance, and customer experience metrics.

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