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Elevate the Customer Experience

Gain 100% visibility into the customer experience and use insights to transform every aspect of your business.

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Understand Your Customers & Your Agents

In today’s world, customer service is often the main differentiator between competing companies. CallFinder's customer experience management solution is used to evaluate and improve that critical point of contact between a customer and a call center agent. CallFinder will help QA managers track agent performance, monitor script compliance, optimize call center monitoring, and improve the customer experience, all in one, easy-to-use solution.

Here's How CallFinder Improves the Customer Experience

CallFinder is designed to enhance the experience your customers have with both your agents and your brand.

Track KPIs

Use CallFinder to monitor key metrics and track agent performance. While you’ll have your pick of KPIs to review, you’ll need to identify the performance measurements that matter to your customers and improve them if you want to truly enhance your customers’ experience with your agents and your brand.
Call Scoring Features

Empower Agents

Locate key phrases in every customer conversation to understand how your customers interact with agents. Once you reveal the areas you need to improve, you can create agent training programs specifically designed to empower your agents to enhance your customers’ experience.
Explore Call Transcriptions

Mitigate Risk

Ensure script compliance with CallFinder's searchable call transcriptions and scorecards. Detailed searches for terms that matter to your organization help you isolate non-compliant calls, improve scripts, and train agents to mitigate risk with ongoing training programs to ensure 100% compliance.
Agent Script Compliance

Monitoring & Improving Key Metrics

With CallFinder, you can monitor the performance metrics that are most meaningful to you and your customers. When you know what KPIs you’re going to focus on, you can improve your training programs, adjust your sales scripts, and improve the way your team provides customer service. CallFinder can help increase your first call resolution rates, reduce your team’s average handle time, and improve customer satisfaction scores. As you improve your team’s performance metrics, you’ll also see a decrease in your operating expenses and an increase in revenues. To learn more about how to improve KPIs, download the CallFinder product overview.

Exceptional customer experiences Start Here

Companies that create exceptional customer experiences are the ones who set themselves apart from the competition. CallFinder provides QA Managers with a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience while identifying the areas that agents need more training. Take a quick tour of CallFinder's solution and see what a difference CallFinder can make for your customers and your business.
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