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Improve Customer Satisfaction with Call Monitoring Software

In today’s world, customer service is often the main differentiator between competing companies. Call monitoring software is a powerful agent and customer service training tool used to evaluate and improve that critical point of contact between a customer and a call center agent. Without automated call monitoring software in place, the ability to measure agent performance is challenging and time consuming.

With CallFinder recording and monitoring technology working in real time to provide call quality monitoring for customer service and satisfaction, your business can:

  • Track agent performance (positive or negative).
  • Monitor script compliance of agents while they speak with customers.
  • Optimize call center monitoring.
  • Identify agents or areas of process that need monitoring and further training.
  • Identify process issues and knowledge gaps in various business units.
  • Empower and engage agents with knowledge and effective phone sales training, and increase agent retention.
  • Increased knowledge of agent performance and productivity will add to your company’s customer service monitoring tools, generate more sales, and improve the overall customer experience you deliver.

Call Monitoring to Improve Customer Experience

Is it really possible to improve the customer experience simply by listening to and analyzing call recordings? Yes, it is if you use the best call recording software that’s available from CallFinder.

Our customer service call recording software is designed to enhance the experience your customers have with both your agents and your brand. You can use our call monitoring software for customer service to review metrics that indicate how your individual agents and entire team are performing. While you’ll have your pick of KPIs to review, you’ll need to identify the performance measurements that matter to your customers and improve them if you want to truly enhance your customers’ experience with your agents and your brand.

Our call monitoring system for customer service includes a speech analytics solution you can use to greatly improve your customers’ experience. This tool enables you to locate key phrases in actual conversations that occur between your representatives and your customers. With this capability, our customer service call recording system is almost more accurately described as a “customer experience call recording system.” That’s because the ability to learn how your customers are interacting with your call agents will reveal the areas you need to improve to enhance your customers’ experience.

Once you identify the areas that need improvement, you can select the performance metrics you need to monitor because they’re the ones that are meaningful to your customers. When you know what KPIs you’re going to focus on, you can improve your training program, adjust your sales scripts as necessary and improve the way your team provides customer service.

You can use a customer service call recording service to increase your first call resolution rates, for example. If your customers like their issues to be addressed quickly, you can use our customer service call recording technology to enhance their experience by reducing your team’s average handle time. In other words, you can use call monitoring for customer service to improve the experience your customers have with your agents and brand simply by improving the metrics that are important to them.

As you improve your team’s performance metrics, you’ll also be enhancing the experience your customers have with your agents and your company. When you improve the experience your customers have, you’ll see results in your customer satisfaction scores. You’ll also see a decrease in your operating expenses and an increase in revenues.

To learn how CallFinder will help you easily discover your customer conversations, monitor agent performance and improve your customers’ experience, call 1-800-639-1700 to speak with a CallFinder Specialist and schedule an online demonstration of our innovative call recording and speech analytics system.


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