CallFinder Case Studies

Explore our case studies to learn how CallFinder helps businesses drive more revenue with insights
gathered from our advanced speech analytics technology.

Collections & Debt-Recovery Business Improves Agent Performance with Automated Call Scorecards Powered by Speech Analytics

Integrated Financial Technologies (IFT) Meets & Exceeds KPIs With CallFinder

CallFinder Impact

  • Improved QA efficiency
  • Monitored 10x the number of client-agent interactions; up from 10% to 100%
  • Reduced AHT by 3 minutes
  • Increased promise to pay by 6%
  • Increased scope of calls included in agent performance evaluations
  • Reduced time spent on QA by 50%
  • Easy Access to sentiment within conversations

RoadVantage Improves Contact Center Performance With Speech Analytics From CallFinder

This case study demonstrates how RoadVantage used CallFinder to meet the following objectives.

  • Improved agent compliance on every call
  • Ensured consistency for claims processes
  • Identified customer pain points

National Tubs Company Uses CallFinder To Improve Agent Training & CX

This walk-in tub company is a leading provider of American-made walk-in tubs and showers in the US and Canada. The company has 30 agent seats and receives over 30,000 inbound calls each month.

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