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Measure Sales Effectiveness & Boost Close Rates

Drive more sales with CallFinder's automated call quality monitoring. Monitor agent calls for sales effectiveness, improve call scripts, and train agents to close more deals.

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Drive Sales with Speech Analytics

Today’s consumers are exerting more knowledge and control during the buying process. This means your agents must be prepared with the right tools and knowledge. Not only are your customers armed with research and facts before they purchase, but the experience they have with your business will contribute significantly to their purchasing decisions. Get your free copy of our Product Overview to learn more.
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Monitor Agent Performance & Improve Sales Effectiveness

CallFinder helps call center supervisors and managers pinpoint why some agents are more successful than others to create realistic goals and improve sales effectiveness.

Automate Sales Forecasting

Use data-informed insights and scoring methodologies to predict customer churn, liklihood to buy, and sales conversion rates.
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Improve Sales Conversions

With speech analytics tools, you can identify which sales techniques are the most successful and create scripts that get results.
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Capture Buyer Intent Data

Understand how customers feel about your products and services at every stage of the buyer's journey with sentiment analysis.
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CallFinder's speech analytics technology provides businesses with valuable sales conversion data taken directly from daily customer interactions and placed in our cloud-based, user-friendly dashboard. Learn how CallFinder's automated quality monitoring solution can help your agents improve interactions and close more deals. Schedule a quick 15-minute demo today!
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We use CallFinder to identify areas where agents need additional coaching, which helps develop training content based on the trends we’ve seen within the calls. We continue to increase our compliance rates thanks to CallFinder.

Sam Wilkerson

Quality Assurance Manager
CallFinder has a great foundation, and they are continuously adding new features based on customer feedback. They created a new search algorithm based on our requests, using variable data that we sent them.

Steve Denbow

Senior Program Manager
We have been extremely happy with everything, including the setup and onboarding. All the support staff and technical folks made it very easy to get things up and running. The continuous support also makes things extremely easy.

Dave Kilby

Director of Operations