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Sales Effectiveness

Drive Sales with Speech Analytics

Today’s consumers are exerting more knowledge and control during the buying process. This means you and your agents have to be on your toes. Not only are your customers armed with research and facts before they purchase, but the experience they have with your business will contribute significantly to their final decision of whether or not to become your customer.

Monitor Agent Performance & Improve Sales Effectiveness


CallFinder will help your call center supervisors and managers in any department,and pinpoint why some agents are more successful than others so best practices can be employed across all agents to improve overall sales results. Using CallFinder, you’ll gain the ability to perform faster analysis of sales conversion success factors, and easier operationalization of best practices.

CallFinderwill automatically analyze customer interactions to capture the qualitative conversation factors that contribute to sales effectiveness, including:

  • Sales opportunity identification.
  • Upsell & cross-sell attempts, successes, and failures.
  • Objection handling.
  • Customer responses.
  • Competitor mentions.

Not only does CallFinder’s speech analytics technology capture these qualitative factors, the data is processed in an unbiased manner, meaning there is no possibility of biased manual reporting of what’s taking place during agent-customer conversations.


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