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Crisis Hotline Call Center Software

CallFinder provides all the essential features to help crisis helpline, addiction recovery, and suicide hotline call centers handle critical conversations and provide help to those in need with the right care.

Call Center Solutions for Emergency Behavioral Health and Crisis Management

Demonstrating empathy and compassion is vital to a successful conversation with vulnerable callers. That’s why CallFinder provides crisis centers and addiction recovery centers with the tools to identify agents who may need coaching on how to empathize with the caller. Our solution includes sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, as well as silence and overtalk features to help QA managers teach agents the right language and techniques to ensure that callers receive the help they need when they need it.

Crisis Helpline Call Center Software Benefits & Security Features

CallFinder provides many benefits to crisis call centers, including increased efficiency and security features that redact sensitive or confidential information to protect caller privacy.  Learn more about how CallFinder can benefit your crisis call center.

Create Informed Coaching Programs

Onboarding agents who handle calls for crisis centers and suicide prevention centers can be challenging without insights into how agents speak to callers. With CallFinder, QA managers can show agents unbiased, quantifiable data to set expectations and help agents understand why the words they use are so critical.

Save Time & Resources

Spend more time analyzing the caller’s needs and understanding how each agent responds to different callers with automated call transcriptions and scorecards. Crisis call center managers save up to 20% of time each week using CallFinder.

Help More People in Need

CallFinder allows crisis centers and recovery centers to help more people by teaching agents the soft skills needed to successfully handle sensitive calls and, in turn, get more clients into the right programs and the help that they need.
Jennifer explains how CallFinder helped her team increase admissions by giving Managers more time to spend on coaching agents to handle calls with empathy and compassion. Learn why they chose CallFinder to revolutionize the way they supervise employees.
Jennifer Small
Lead Admission Specialist at Aware Recovery Care
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