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Automated Call Transcriptions

Automated call transcriptions help QA managers easily monitor and coach agents to ensure positive customer interactions, while monitoring trends and ensuring script compliance.

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Uncover Performance Trends to Inform Business Strategies

CallFinder’s automated call transcription solution enables you to quickly read and search transcriptions of every agent-customer interaction. With our speech to text transcription engine, you have the ability to analyze all recorded calls using emotion detection and sentiment categorization. Turn your call recordings into a valuable resource with CallFinder’s speech recognition technology.

Drive CX Success with CallFinder's Advanced Features

With CallFinder’s speech to text transcription, you can pinpoint areas where agents need further coaching to improve CX, boost efficiencies, mitigate risk, and determine marketing successes. Easy to use, reliable, and fast, CallFinder's advanced features deliver the results most relevant to your business needs.

Uncover CX Trends

Pinpoint & analyze any aspect of the customer experience, directly from the voice of your customers. Learn how CallFinder's searchable call transcriptions provide CX insights to improve CSAT scores and more.
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Sentiment & Emotion

Monitor the customer experience with sentiment analysis and emotion detection. Learn more about how our user-friendly Insights dashboard gives managers a quick view into the customer experience.
Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

Silence & Overtalk

Identify and address sources of customer frustration using root cause analysis. Learn how our silence and overtalk detection gives QA managers the data needed to coach agents on the more nuanced skills.
Silence & Overtalk Detection

Take a Tour of CallFinder's Automated Transcriptions

Manually monitoring calls is painstakingly slow, expensive, and doesn't offer an accurate assessment of your agent-customer interactions. With CallFinder's automated call transcriptions, QA Mangers gain 100% visibility into every customer interaction with advanced speech-to-text technology. Schedule your demo to get a first-hand look at our automated transcriptions!
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