Easy Implementation. Seamless Integration.

CallFinder was designed to be IT-light and to quickly integrate with your existing tech stack. CallFinder’s speech analytics solution works with any telephony system and call recording provider. Client input is an integral part of implementation, but the CallFinder team does the heavy lifting to complete your custom solution in 4-6 weeks.

How Integration Works

Integration begins by gaining access to your API. All modern call center platforms offer the ability to export your calls routinely. API access allows us to take a copy of your call recordings and ingest them with your metadata. There’s no extra equipment to install and we do not need access to your SIP trunks. The integration takes a couple weeks to complete.

We Are Dedicated To Your Success

A dedicated implementation analyst will work with you throughout implementation to complete your custom build. Your QA team will not have to spend time on the technical aspects of CallFinder during this process. Instead, they can continue to focus on call center performance and KPIs.

Customized Speech Analytics Solutions

Your analyst will listen to hours of sample audio call recordings to tailor CallFinder to meet your company’s unique needs and industry’s compliance requirements. The phrase library, scorecards, and reports are customized for each client.

Minimal Time Commitment

Your time commitment during implementation is minimal. It focuses on a handful of meetings with your implementation analyst and gathering QA materials to share with them. The CallFinder Analysts and our IT staff handle the majority of the implementation requirements over multiple days during the period.

Data Security

We prioritize security to protect your data. CallFinder is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant and can apply additional privacy and confidentiality requirements. We redact sensitive information and restrict access to confidential information, such as credit card or social security numbers.

CallFinder’s Seamless Tech Integration

CallFinder’s CTO, Dan Sorrell, explains how CallFinder’s speech analytics solution seamlessly integrates with any call center platform. Learn how easy it is to add CallFinder to your existing tech stack, in just a few short weeks, with minimal IT resources.

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