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Phonetic Index Search- Process and Applications

Phonetic index search is an approach of vocal mining The technique processes an audio message, like a call recording, and generates useful business information based on the content of the call Although there are a number of advanced mining tools, phonetic indexing is considered the fastest one From[...]

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woman using CallFinder's speech analytics software

Phonetic Indexing – A Better Approach than Speech Recognition?

Phonetic Indexing by Business Case When comparing speech recognition and keyword targeting - in which the software program is designed to transcribe entire sentences as an array of words - and phonetic indexing, you should start with how you will be using speech analytics technology For instance,[...]

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Benefits of Phonetics-based Speech Analytics Engine

There are two types of technology that drive a speech analytics platform One is Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition, or LVCSR This is essentially speech-to-text technology and is dependent on the dictionary to identify words that are contained and spoken within phone conversations The[...]

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