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Improve The Customer Experience With Call Tracking

Customers value service When they are treated well by a company, they are likely to come back to that company to do business with them again in the future That is why the customer experience should be valued above just about anything else One way to help improve the experience that customers have[...]

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Record and Analyze Calls to Reduce Abandon Rates and Customer Churn

It's a fact that doesn't really need to be stated - no one likes to wait on hold when they call your company, or any company for that matter You don't like to be placed on hold, do you   Well, neither do your customers Reducing abandon rates, and thereby losing potential sales, is a challenge for[...]

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Ensure Script Compliance with Speech Analytics Software

We operate in a highly regulated world, which means that your call center employees need to know your company policies, which your legal and business consultants have helped you to craft into a script or business process That script or process needs to be accessed and activated right away or else[...]

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Is Your Business Compliant?

Are you in the business of revenue recovery   If so, you need to know thisthe mini-Miranda should be your agents’ best friend Legally, your agents all MUST be reading a mini-Miranda to the people they are calling   Do you know if your agents are doing this   If not, the risk to your[...]

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Fortune 500 Uses CallFinder Speech Analytics to Ensure Script Compliance

One of our customers happens to be a Fortune 500 company After using CallFinder's speech analytics solution for about six months, they have successfully identified where agents are going off-script Armed with this data, the company improved their training programs to reduce compliance[...]

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