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Consumers Rely Heavily on the Contact Center to Resolve Issues

NICE, a provider of speech analytics, recently released results of a Consumer Channel Preference Survey   The findings show that about 50% of respondents turn to live agents in a contact center to resolve issues According to the report, "Almost half of the respondents noted that if they are[...]

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Is Your Business Compliant?

Are you in the business of revenue recovery   If so, you need to know thisthe mini-Miranda should be your agents’ best friend Legally, your agents all MUST be reading a mini-Miranda to the people they are calling   Do you know if your agents are doing this   If not, the risk to your[...]

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79% of Customers Prefer Phone Support Over Other Channels

79% of consumers still prefer to use the telephone to interact with a customer service center   Make sure you have the right tool in place, like the Callfinder speech analytics application, to ensure script compliance, call quality, and a resource to use for your agent training program Source:[...]

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