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What is Speech Analytics?

If you searched the Internet for "What is Speech Analytics" you've landed on the right spot! In a word, speech analytics software analyzes agent-customer phone calls to discover the true voice of customers and improve quality assurance practices But it's so much more than that This blog post[...]

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Measure Marketing Success, Reduce Churn with Speech Analytics

Without a solution in place to capture, scan and analyze data, businesses are often in the dark about what their customers want and need, and how their competitors and local markets are communicating to consumers   As we’ve been covering in recent articles, businesses face many common[...]

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Analyze Data to Boost the Customer Experience

Like most businesses, you are probably (hopefully) trying every day to improve the customer experience for those that are buying your products and services   But, if you don’t have a good sense of what you are delivering, analyzing it on a regular basis, and making modifications to process,[...]

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6 Business Challenges You Can Tackle With Speech Analytics

Realizing the critical nature of delivering positive experiences to customers, and how quality care contributes directly to a company’s bottom line, great strides are taking place in the technology sector to provide companies of all sizes with the tools they need to easily and precisely[...]

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Call Monitoring and the Differences between Call and Contact Centers

We often use the terms "call center" and "contact center" interchangeably But are they really the same Both serve as "gateways" or initial points of contact for businesses and organizations Both handle inbound and outbound phone calls and use some form of call quality monitoring to maximize their[...]

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The Challenge of Call Monitoring for Small Businesses

Small businesses are moving communication services to the cloud more and more to save resources and reduce costs   The cloud eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome hardware and software installations   As a result of moving into the cloud, SMBs have more time to focus on the data that is[...]

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