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Report: The Secret to Call Center Retention and Productivity

Thanks to advancements in data collection and voice of customer technology solutions, specifically speech analytics, call center operators have access to the technology they need to help them monitor agents’ conversations with customers to help determine what type of people succeed in call[...]

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Using Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center to Drive Sales

Let’s face it - it’s all about the Benjamins, right To ensure that your customers are happy, you can record your calls and then using speech analytics, you can search your calls to make sure your customer service agents are doing a great job Well, speech analytics can be used by many[...]

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Important Considerations for Call Center Optimization

Many contact center representatives are no doubt very active with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media in their private lives Social media awareness can be a valuable part of ongoing call center training Many enterprises come to realize, however, that the value of expert call center[...]

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3 Trends in Call Center Optimization

Call centers continue to change how they do business as new technology and software is developed Companies are working to improve call center optimizationto better serve customers and reach new prospects Trends for 2013 include the use of social media, mobile apps and outbound calls to improve[...]

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