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3 Trends in Call Center Optimization

Call centers continue to change how they do business as new technology and software is developed Companies are working to improve call center optimizationto better serve customers and reach new prospects Trends for 2013 include the use of social media, mobile apps and outbound calls to improve[...]

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Using a Contact Center Monitoring System to its Full Potential

Contact center monitoring systems have become increasingly robust and sophisticated over time They are now able to turn even the most minute details within customer interactions into actionable information All aspects of a business, including its products, level of customer service, and forecasting[...]

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How Does Implementation of a Speech Analytics Solution Effect ROI?

Measureable ROI is a function of a company’s ability to use a speech analytics solution Speech analytics technology will provide you with the data your business needs to make strategic marketing decisions, decisions that will affect the call center operations, and provide insight to the[...]

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