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Phone Sales, Customer Service Training is Easier with Call Recording


Business has changed in many ways over the years, and it changes rapidly at times. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the value and importance of excellent customer service. If anything, it could be argued that the importance of high customer satisfaction ratings is even larger than ever before. The continuing relevancy of the Internet, social media, and peer review websites in the business world has meant that word of mouth regarding both, good and bad customer service, spreads more quickly than ever before. Therefore, the need to effectively communicate that to your staff, especially those employees working the phone sales and customer service lines, is of utmost importance in today’s marketplace.

One way to ensure that your sales and customer service employees are properly trained and providing the best possible customer service, is through the implementation of first class call recording  software. In fact, the right call recording software will also allow you to establish reasonable sales goals for your employees and effectively track agent performance, as well as reduce call handling times, increase sales opportunities, and more.

It’s a fact that more consumers are using the Internet in its various incarnations as their most trusted word of mouth recommendations. According to, a whopping 73% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family. Implementing the right call recording software for your business will help you to reach those consumers. If you don’t, you can be sure that your competition will use this powerful tool to know which employees need more training and coaching, improve customer satisfaction levels, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

“CallFinder” is an innovative call recording and speech analytics software application. It allows small to medium-sized businesses easily record and analyze customer conversations to generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively, and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.  Contact us  today for more information on how our software can help your telephone sales and customer service training needs. We would love to hear from you.

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