Kate R


Motivate Agents By Monitoring Their Calls – No, Really!

Opportunity is ripe to increase revenues simply by making sure your team is providing your customers with the best possible experiences to turn them into loyal customers for the long haul.Speech analytics technology will help you extract customer insights to leverage and use to change customer service processes and more to improve their experiences…. Read more

How to Measure & Manage the Caller Journey

How do you find the key to your customer’s heart? Know who they are, what they need, and lead them through an incredibly journey with your company. To measure and manage the customer journey – from phone conversations to product satisfaction – you have to measure their experience…. Read more

Getting to Know Your Customers in 2015

The use of advanced call quality management technology will help you better understand and serve your customers. This is the year we’ll see expansion in areas of customer experience, call monitoring, and quality assurance explode, according to research…. Read more

Open the Channels for Customer Communications

As companies build and improve their customer experience programs, they need to develop strategies and implement appropriate technologies to capture the customer sentiment and provide the data that is required to uncover the changes necessary to improve the experience they offer, and to stay ahead of the curve…. Read more

Misperceptions of Speech Analytics

To us, and our customers, it seems so clear that lacking speech analytics leaves a business or contact center at a disadvantage in terms of best practices. So, why are some businesses still hesitant—why isn’t everyone using it?… Read more