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Kill the Customer Service Script with Experienced Agents

Ah, the customer service call center script While scripts certainly have their place in the contact center, especially within highly regulated industries, the truth of the matter is that customers don’t seem to like them A survey from the customer support technology evaluation business Software[...]

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5 Ways Agents Can Improve the Customer Experience

Today’s consumer has many options when they want to reach out to a company They can email the company, reach out via social media, engage in an online chat session, or possibly even send texts However, the old fashioned phone call is still the top choice among most people when they are in need of[...]

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PCI Compliance vs. CPNI/FCC Regulations

When investigating which speech analytics solution is the best fit for their needs, prospects often inquire about PCI compliance In order to be PCI compliant, an organization that processes, stores, or transmits credit card information must meet a set of requirements put forth by the Payment Card[...]

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Revitalize the Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

Providing a positive customer experience (CX) needs to be a top priority for any business today Happy customers translate into sales and longevity So how does a business come to understand the customer experience It’s certainly not a guessing game A company must be continually collecting data in[...]

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Search for These Terms Using Speech Analytics

Speech analytics software is a powerful technology that, when used properly, allows businesses to accurately capture the voice of their customers in order to gain business intelligence that can inform future business decisions Speech analytics software takes basic call center call recording[...]

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Speech-To-Text vs. Phonetics-Based Speech Analytics

Over the years, call center technology has changed drastically And the customer experience has become the main differentiator between many companies and their competitors What does this mean Call centers must employ the latest technology in quality monitoring and employee training Basic call[...]

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Cloud Speech Analytics: A Better Process Without IT

While it certainly isn’t news that technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace, what is surprising is the number of companies that continue to shy away from it, even though it can help improve business processes by leaps and bounds This is because modern technology, including cloud-based[...]

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Make Call Center Agents the Stars of Your Organization

Call center agents play an extremely important role within any organization After all, they are the ones interacting with current and potential clients and customers on a daily basis If the client or customer has a good experience while speaking with the agent, it can result in them viewing the[...]

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Voice Data and Its Untapped Potential

At the heart of any business are its customers and clients Without happy customers and clients a company isn’t going to survive That’s why customer experience data is so valuable This data is used to improve business processes in order to keep customers and clients satisfied and coming back for[...]

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