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CallFinder Analyst Services Makes Implementation A Breeze

A company’s phone conversations contain invaluable data, and being able to access and convert this raw data into actionable business insights is critical.  So a call categorization and scoring tool that is easy to use by even the least teach savvy person can reap great benefits. Not only is CallFinder specially designed to be user-friendly, it goes further by offering comprehensive training.  Every CallFinder customer receives support from our CallFinder Speech Analytics Specialists, who are committed to providing thorough guidance and assistance with the onboarding, discovery, and implementation phases. Their goal is to ensure each CallFinder user is employing their software to its full capacity to uncover business insights, apply those insights to challenges, and identify and satisfy their determined goals for the technology…. Read more

Reduce Agent Attrition with Speech Analytics

One of the biggest roadblocks to a contact center’s success these days is the high level of agent attrition. Studies show the average agent attrition rate in contact centers is 30 to 45%(1), which can end up costing a company 25 to 30% of benefits and salary for each vacant position(1). Clearly, this problem needs to be addressed.

However, many contact centers believe they can allay the situation through fun “perks” such as dress-up days, contests, prizes, etc. And even if these efforts are appreciated by the agents, they are ultimately short-term solutions. Because what truly matters to contact center agents is the ability for them to do their job and to do it well. Fortunately, with speech analytics and some helpful tips, any contact center can keep its agents happily on board…. Read more

Using Speech Analytics to Keep Customers Happy

Today’s businesses may find themselves wondering which is more important: Keeping customers happy or making a profit? Actually, they’re equally important. A business cannot last if it is not making money, and it cannot make money if its customers are unhappy. And the contact center is usually the very first facet of a business that can make or break a customer experience.

Unfortunately, most contact centers are not performing as well as they might think. Studies show a measly 14% of complaints are sufficiently resolved on the first call(1), and most end up involving 4.2 contacts to help fix the problem(1). Clearly, there are issues that need to be addressed and settled. Here are two common reasons contact centers may be falling short when it comes to the customer experience, and how a speech analytics system can help…. Read more

The Many Benefits of Speech Analytics For All Businesses

Today’s consumers have more options to contact businesses than ever before, including email, online chat, social media, and more.  Yet with all these choices, calling a company directly remains people’s leading preference.  Whether it’s calling to inquire about a product or service, or someone with a question or complaint, most people prefer to speak with a real, live person. So when these calls come in, businesses must ensure the conversations being held are producing the desired outcomes.  Using call mining tools such as speech analytics allows companies to quickly scan their phone conversations for specific words and phrases, converting unstructured data into actionable business insights. Here are just a few of the ways implementing speech analytics can produce tangible benefits for any business…. Read more

A Superior Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

Providing an unmatched superior customer experience with speech analytics has become the goal of nearly all of today’s businesses. In fact, a recent survey showed customer experience was above both content and mobile marketing when it came to exciting opportunities for companies. And customer experience is positioned to beat out price and product as the main brand differentiator by the year 2020…. Read more