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Implementing Speech Analytics To Make More Money

Contact centers in the United States these days is a huge industry, and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12% by the year 2025 [1]  This growth means more and more businesses are looking for solutions and technology that will help them maintain their relationships with their customers and achieve[...]

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New Sales Representative at CallFinder Speech Analytics

BURLINGTON, Vermont, March 19, 2018 – CallFinder (https://wwwmycallfindercom), a leading provider of speech analytics solutions, recently hired Daniel Bowne II, expanding their sales team  Bowne will be instrumental in assisting businesses discover the value of speech analytics by identifying[...]

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Solve Agent Attrition with Automated Call Scoring

Studies show that employment in the contact center industry has risen over the past several years by 218%, reaching upwards of 23 million people [1] But while the number of employees in contact center has grown, so has the amount of turnover Employee attrition is 151% on average in most other[...]

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How Speech Analytics Improves Patient Experience

The world of healthcare is perpetually evolving, as doctors and scientists discover new ways to do what was once deemed the impossible in medicine Yet for all these advancements, there is one arena in which healthcare tends to fall behind: customer care A survey showed healthcare was the 3rd[...]

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How Contact Centers Achieve Customer Experience Goals

While wishing to improve your company’s customer experience levels is an admirable-and necessary-goal, it’s not enough  To achieve customer experience goals, you need to know what kind of experience it is you wish to provide your customers, and the best way to accomplish this is by[...]

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18 Reasons to Adopt Speech Analytics Technology in 2018

According to Call Center Week's most recent research report, CCW Winter Executive Report: Contact Center Priorities for 2018, the customer experience and impact of agent performance on the customer experience is being looked at by companies worldwide as an important factor in successful[...]

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