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How to Monitor the Voice of the Customer on a Budget

If you haven’t upgraded from basic call recording software to speech analytics software in your call center because you thought it was out of reach, think again. An investment in cloud-based speech analytics software is less expensive than an on-premise solution yet provides access to the same voice of the customer data that is so valuable…. Read more

Voice Data and Its Untapped Potential

One of the best sources of customer experience data goes largely untapped by the organizations that can benefit from these insights. Getting to these insights can be a challenge if you haven’t yet adopted newer forms of available technology…. Read more

How the Customer Voice Impacts a Business

People feel they have stronger connections, are more productive, and get more accurate information when they talk to a customer service agent over the phone than they would over live chat or email. And they feel more confident that they’re getting what they want. Here is the data from a recent response tap study that proves it…. Read more

The Telling Signs In The Voice Of Customer

Even though a phone call is done without the visual stimuli available, there is still a lot that can be learned through the voice of customer information. The tone that one uses can say as much as the words that they choose to use. Keying in on these important factors is the way to learn from what customers are saying.

The Frustrated Customer

The frustrated customer should be relatively easy to identify if only for the fact that he or she will use audio cues that are pretty obvious. Raising one’s voice, being combative, or sighing with disgust are all obvious signs of a frustrated customer. Dealing with such callers is an art in and of itself, but first they should be identified so as to know what procedures need to be put into place to handle them…. Read more

Listening To The Voice Of Customer For Demographic Purposes

Your employees and your agents have a lot to say, and much of it can be used to further improve the customer experience. Plus, you’ll gain demographic knowledge about your callers, like average home value and household income, address, county, zip code, and more to beef up your customer database…. Read more