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Should Your Call Center Agents Follow a Script?

Knowing that the customer experience is now tied directly to bottom line revenue, companies need to encourage their agents to take the initiative while on calls with their customers to build rapport, and that cannot be done through reading lines from a script and sounding like robots. At least that’s what consumers really think!… Read more

Call Script Compliance: Talking the Way to Increased Efficiency

Many centers do not require agents to follow scripts for fear of having agents sound robotic or they feel that they simply do not need them. Scripting will increase efficiency by standardizing information given by agents and will allow agents to feel more confident (and therefore less robotic) about the information they give. This will eliminate the need for call backs and erase other time wasting operations inherent to inconsistent communication. Scripting communication in the following key areas will greatly improve a center’s efficiency…. Read more

Speech Analytics Technology Can Be Used by Every Department

Meeting the expectations of today’s consumer requires traditionally siloed functions such as sales, marketing, and the contact center work together more effectively. To support this business objective, an increasing number of companies are implementing procedures to break down these silos and ensure that the consumer is a top priority for the entire company.

There are many business goals, which fall into various departments within a company, that will benefit from call recording monitoring and data mining of their customers’ conversations.   After all, each department of a company today is an integral part of building and maintaining the customer relationship…. Read more

Gather Critical Business Insights with Speech Analytics

According to the 2011 Small and Medium Businesses Routes to Market Study conducted by the SMB Group, customer-facing applications were the top investment area in 2011 by SMBs.   Today, businesses are using customer-facing speech analytics technology to improve operations efficiency by:

CallFinder is a new speech analytics application, which is a simple and affordable method of obtaining market research in order to analyze the conversations your employees are having with customers and prospects. It will provide you with the insights to answer these questions and put operational plans into place to improve efficiency within the company…. Read more