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Hidden Costs of Manual Call Monitoring

Call quality monitoring and assurance in the call center are essential in today’s business environment Accessing and analyzing the voice of the customer is standard practice in order to meet the growing needs of the customer base But if your contact center managers are still manually[...]

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Risk Management and Compliance with Speech Analytics

In today’s contact center, risk management and compliance are not just best practices Certain laws and governing bodies regulate how call centers handle sensitive data Because non-compliant agents are a costly risk, both through unsatisfied customers and monetary penalties, monitoring calls is[...]

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What is SaaS Vs. MSaaS: Key Differences & Benefits

What is SaaS In Brief In a previous blog, we shared five tips on finding a SaaS solution that is right for your business The article provides a full definition and examples of SaaS solutions And one of those tips strongly suggests that you choose a Managed SaaS solution (MSaaS) over a[...]

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a SaaS Solution

Software as a Service (SaaS) has grown in popularity over the years Any browser-run program is considered a SaaS solution, especially in offices and remote workspaces SaaS solutions tend to be cloud-based, which means there is no hardware to install or register And most SaaS solutions are offered[...]

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