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Keeping Customers Happy with Automated Quality Monitoring

If you’re looking to gain insights into your agent performance and customer experience, you should consider adding an automated quality monitoring solution to your suite of contact center technologies.

If knowledge is power, then customers these days are stronger than ever before. With so many people of all ages having access to the internet practically 24/7, information is readily available whenever they want, especially when it comes to looking into goods and services. As a result, the expectations today’s customers place on their experience when interacting with businesses are particularly high, and most businesses are taking notice. Ninety-five percent of customer service decision-makers surveyed say providing an excellent customer experience is their top priority, while 75% believe they can use it to gain a competitive advantage [1]…. Read more

State of Quality Assurance & New Best Practices

The customer journey is becoming a shared vision across multiple touch points and various interactions company-wide. Quality Assurance practices are changing out of necessity– more is demanded of businesses and contact centers than ever before to deliver an optimal customer experience, to differentiate, to stay relevant and to remain competitive. Now, speech analytics is becoming a must-have for businesses to stay ahead of the QA game…. Read more

Making Quality Assurance A Daily Habit

No business can survive without its customers. In order to keep those customers around, excellent customer service will be required. Thus, quality assurance is an important aspect of the work that an office manager does. One means of assuring quality is to listen in on the phone call conversations between customers and employees.

Legal Issues

When contemplating call monitoring, the first thing that many business owners worry about are any potential legal issues that they may face…. Read more

How To Ensure Quality Assurance On The Phone

Every customer that calls in to your business desires to receive the same top quality customer service as everyone else. The only way to know that this is going to happen is to look at the phone calls that are being made. This process is known as quality assurance.

Listening To A Phone Call

There are a number of things that could go wrong in a phone call exchange that need to be listened for. The employee may not follow the procedures that they are supposed to in order to have a productive call. The person calling in may not get an answer to a question that they have brought to the conversation. Whatever the case may be, these issues need to be identified and addressed…. Read more