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Role of Contact Center and Marketing in Customer Relationship Management

The time is now for contact centers, customer service departments, and marketing departments to work together!

Peppers & Rogers Group recently wrote an article that shares this perspective, highlight that “Visionary companies are shifting their contact centers away from being reactionary environments toward more of a proactive, relationship-building role with customers.”   Hence, the two departments are starting to work together to build and foster customer relationships at relevant points in the relationship-building process…. Read more

Speech Analytics Technology Can Be Used by Every Department

Meeting the expectations of today’s consumer requires traditionally siloed functions such as sales, marketing, and the contact center work together more effectively. To support this business objective, an increasing number of companies are implementing procedures to break down these silos and ensure that the consumer is a top priority for the entire company.

There are many business goals, which fall into various departments within a company, that will benefit from call recording monitoring and data mining of their customers’ conversations.   After all, each department of a company today is an integral part of building and maintaining the customer relationship…. Read more

How Does Implementation of a Speech Analytics Solution Effect ROI?

Measureable ROI is a function of a company’s ability to use a speech analytics solution.

Speech analytics technology will provide you with the data your business needs to make strategic marketing decisions, decisions that will affect the call center operations, and provide insight to the trends taking place in the market, all based on the voice of your customers, and the customer experience.

An affordable Web-based speech analytics solution will provide your business with:… Read more

Monitor Contact Center Metrics with Recording & Speech Analytics

There are many important metrics to track when you manage a contact center.   Here are four of the most important:

How happy your customers are can make or break your business – after all, in this age of online communication through live chat, social profiles, and instant messages that go viral on Twitter with one simple hashtag, a lousy experience with your business is known immediately.   With the latest call monitoring software, you have the ability to monitor customer experiences in near real-time and reverse any bad experiences before a customer has the chance to tell others.   Turning a bad experience into a good one can even sway that customer into giving you a positive review for the world to see…. Read more

Six Reasons Your Business Needs Call Monitoring Technology

Every company is different, but there are many reasons why all businesses with a customer-facing team – sales, customer service, etc. – should be monitoring the conversations they are having with their customers.   Customer conversations are complex, full of information, and can be a crucial resource for evaluating company performance, assessing marketing and communication strategies, and improving the overall bottom line.

Using a call monitoring tool to scan call recordings for bits and pieces of conversations not only saves a company time and money, but also provides multiple benefits, which all departments can leverage.   Businesses can use call monitoring speech analytics technology to:… Read more