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Common Uses of Speech Analytics for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often struggle to stand out in a market flooded with agencies offering similar products One of the key differentiators among competitors is customer experience While customer surveys once offered valuable data on agent performance, this outdated method for gaining feedback is[...]

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Hidden Costs of Manual Call Monitoring

Call quality monitoring and assurance in the call center are essential in today’s business environment Accessing and analyzing the voice of the customer is standard practice in order to meet the growing needs of the customer base But if your contact center managers are still manually[...]

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What is SaaS Vs. MSaaS: Key Differences & Benefits

What is SaaS In Brief In a previous blog, we shared five tips on finding a SaaS solution that is right for your business The article provides a full definition and examples of SaaS solutions And one of those tips strongly suggests that you choose a Managed SaaS solution (MSaaS) over a[...]

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5 Contact Center Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

2020 is here, and businesses are determining which practices are most likely to improve operations and grow revenue While there's no one-size-fits-all solution for every company, it’s clear the main focus this year will be customer experience (CX) And for many businesses, CX begins in the[...]

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True Facts About the ROI on Speech Analytics

Need to convince the decision makers at your company that the ROI on speech analytics justifies the cost Here are true facts about the return on investment with speech analytics technology ROI on Speech Analytics: Sales A speech analytics solution will boost sales It's that simple But we[...]

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