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Using Contact Center Monitoring to Build Stronger Customer Communications

Who needs an answering service?

Your business can greatly benefit from having a strong answering service provider as part of your business platform. Contact center monitoring ensures that you and your team stay in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere. Our inbound call center services along with our recording and analysis services ensure that you can always keep open lines of communication in place for your customers, clients, patients or business partners…. Read more

Move to the Cloud for Your Contact Center Monitoring

Don’t get left behind in this great world of technology. Here at CallFinder we will help you get the most out of your contact center monitoring while providing you with affordable real time call recording, search, and analysis. We will take your contact center away from that dinosaur style hardware-based product and give you more.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you outshine your competitors.

Customers and Agents:… Read more

Contact Center Monitoring Is A Growing Trend. Do You Use It?

Contact center monitoring is bigger than it has ever been, and we’re not using hyperbole on this one. The question is “Do you have it?” Or perhaps more importantly, “How soon can you get it?” Implementing a contact center monitoring solution is a surefire way to significantly improve the customer experience and optimize your contact center’s performance.

Once you’ve researched and activated a contact center call recording and speech analytics solution to monitor calls, following key implementation measures, as well as agent training, is critical to ensuring success…. Read more

Call Center Optimization with Speech Analytics is As Important As Ever

The multiplicity of ways in which customers seek to have their problems resolved and their questions answered is more daunting than ever. At the same time, customers are armed with social media to broadcast their experiences, good and bad, to an ever wider audience. Therefore, it is incumbent upon any company to find innovative ways to smooth that interface between caller and call center agent. It is vital for both customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Review these developments in call center optimization to assure that your call center is equipped with every modern tool that is feasible:… Read more

Using a Contact Center Monitoring System to its Full Potential

Contact center monitoring systems have become increasingly robust and sophisticated over time. They are now able to turn even the most minute details within customer interactions into actionable information. All aspects of a business, including its products, level of customer service, and forecasting endeavors, can be enhanced through the use of these powerful tools.

However, many businesses that have implemented call monitoring and call recording programs are only scratching the surface when it comes to getting the most out of the many features and functions these systems offer. Some businesses take a rather narrow view of call center recording solutions, seeing them mainly as a means to monitor agent performance and improve customer service. But unleashing the full potential of a call monitoring and recording system can help a business gather critical intelligence and improve its overall performance…. Read more