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Financial Importance of Call Monitoring for TCPA Compliance

There are some simple measures that can be put into place that will ensure your contact center, and your agents specifically, are compliant with TCPA regulations and other federal laws. Don’t make the mistakes that these two global companies did and end up in the midst of staggering lawsuits…. Read more

Speech Analytics Technology Can Be Used by Every Department

Meeting the expectations of today’s consumer requires traditionally siloed functions such as sales, marketing, and the contact center work together more effectively. To support this business objective, an increasing number of companies are implementing procedures to break down these silos and ensure that the consumer is a top priority for the entire company.

There are many business goals, which fall into various departments within a company, that will benefit from call recording monitoring and data mining of their customers’ conversations.   After all, each department of a company today is an integral part of building and maintaining the customer relationship…. Read more

Monitor Contact Center Metrics with Recording & Speech Analytics

There are many important metrics to track when you manage a contact center.   Here are four of the most important:

How happy your customers are can make or break your business – after all, in this age of online communication through live chat, social profiles, and instant messages that go viral on Twitter with one simple hashtag, a lousy experience with your business is known immediately.   With the latest call monitoring software, you have the ability to monitor customer experiences in near real-time and reverse any bad experiences before a customer has the chance to tell others.   Turning a bad experience into a good one can even sway that customer into giving you a positive review for the world to see…. Read more

Is Your Business Compliant?

Are you in the business of revenue recovery?   If so, you need to know this…the mini-Miranda should be your agents’ best friend.

Legally, your agents all MUST be reading a mini-Miranda to the people they are calling.   Do you know if your agents are doing this?   If not, the risk to your business is incredibly high.

One way to ensure you have a high rate of compliance in reading the mini-Miranda is to implement a speech analytics solution to monitor agent/customer conversations and compliance tracking.   All you have to do is plug in the key words and phrases used in your script where the mini-Miranda is recited, and the speech analytics application will pull out those specific calls, showing you the compliant calls.   Flip the switch in the application to show all calls that do not contain those key words and phrases, and the result is a compilation of recordings that are non-compliant…. Read more