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Financial Importance of Call Monitoring for TCPA Compliance

There are some simple measures that can be put into place that will ensure your contact center, and your agents specifically, are compliant with TCPA regulations and other federal laws. Don’t make the mistakes that these two global companies did and end up in the midst of staggering lawsuits…. Read more

The Legality Of Call Center Monitoring

Often we think that call monitoring is a form of tapping or invading privacy. But the fact is that in business today, it is a reality, and there for consumer protection purposes. Read more to learn about the legalities surrounding call center monitoring techniques…. Read more

Contact Center Monitoring: A Controlled Experience

Taking control of the customer experience is critical in today’s business environment. Knowing that the perceived experience customers’ are having is not up to par. So, how do you manage and improve the customer experience your team delivers? And, at the same time monitor contact center agent performance for training and coaching insights? Technology solutions are advancing today, and they can help…. Read more