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Call Analytics: Planning and Reacting to Customer Calls

Why Call Analytics Matters Call analytics refers to accessing and analyzing phone conversation data to gain valuable and applicable insights An automated call monitoring solution with call analytics can have numerous benefits From enhancing contact center agents’ skills to boosting sales and[...]

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Which Contact Center Metrics Should You Track?

What Are Contact Center Metrics If you understand the importance of the customer experience, you know that contact centers play a vital role in a company’s success Conversations with agents are often the first contact a customer has with a company; therefore, agent interactions play a huge[...]

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Why Call Center Training is Costing You a Fortune

Are you tired of spending a ton of money on call center training Do you find that the more you spend on training materials and hiring new staff, your agents still fall behind We're here to tell you why, and what to do about it Time is Money In our previous blog post, we discussed the[...]

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