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How To Conduct Regular Customer Service Call Analysis

Many more companies are recording and analyzing the voice interactions they’re having every day with their customers. Are you familiar with VoC, Voice of the Customer? It’s a trending buzzword among many businesses, and it’s critical to have technology that automates the call analysis portion of the process…. Read more

Customer Call Analysis: What Happened On That Call?

Virtually all businesses have a number that customers can call into and voice their concerns, complaints, or ask questions. The content of these calls is very important and fascinating. Information that one may find on these calls could be worth a lot more than they may even realize. This is why customer call analysis is a vital tool used by a lot of businesses.

Statistics Of Calls 

The statistics that one can gather about the calls that are coming into their business are staggering. It is important to try to collect as much of this information as possible. In all of those numbers are important facts about the operation of the business as a whole. It is a matter of digging out the meaning behind all of this stuff carefully, but one should try to do this as often as possible. There is no question that the information is valuable and just waiting to be taken up…. Read more