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Improved Business Processes with Big Data Analytics

Today’s businesses having the ability to amass more data than ever before, but many companies aren’t sure what to do with said data.  Big data analytics – examining a substantial amount of information in order to expose hidden patterns, trends, connections, and preferences – helps businesses make informed strategic business decisions that are both efficient and accurate.  A data-driven strategy can yield benefits such as improved revenue generation, cost reduction, enhanced process efficiencies, and increase business agility.  Here are just a couple of the areas in which businesses can make big data analytics work for them…. Read more

Open the Channels for Customer Communications

As companies build and improve their customer experience programs, they need to develop strategies and implement appropriate technologies to capture the customer sentiment and provide the data that is required to uncover the changes necessary to improve the experience they offer, and to stay ahead of the curve…. Read more

How To Improve Business Intelligence With Call Tracking

Business intelligence is a trending topic today. Companies are employing technology and services to extract insights about their customers; their wants and needs. Improving the quality of that business intelligence is possible when you identify objectives for your BI program and use the right technology to get you there…. Read more

Business Intelligence Spotlight: Customer Retention Through Superior Customer Service

Most companies and employees know and follow the cardinal rule of customer service—be polite. But customer service can go much further than just a smile and a “thank you” to retain customers. One simple tip to follow is to use a positive tone. Again, this goes beyond general niceties. Instead of leading with a negative answer, it’s useful to flip it on it’s head. Instead of saying, “We don’t have any space available in that class but we have a waiting list,” employees can say “We’ll put you on the waiting list and let you know as soon as space opens in that class.” It’s a simple change of phrase that can go a long way in a consumer’s mind…. Read more

Call Centers and Big Data: Improving Business Intelligence

When most people talk about Big Data, they think they’re referring only to the explosion of information gathered from Web sites. That’s not quite correct. Big Data is a bit misnamed. It’s not about the size of data, but about the large variety of data coming from many sources.

One key involved in Big Data is the ability to understand unstructured data, data that’s not in the simple row and column format you see in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. While Web pages is what first comes to mind for many, you run a call center. You know there’s a lot of business critical information contained in each call. Spending time to listen to each and every call is not cost effective, so you scan a small selection of calls and make judgments based on that…. Read more