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Three Quick Ways to Impact Business Performance

Today, businesses are under pressure to produce more, with fewer resources Striking the right balance between expenses for efficient operational tools and resources, and growing sales to support those expenses, presents a challenge for dealerships Finding ways to optimize operational efficiency in[...]

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800response Launches Speech Analytics Application

Customers Reduce Listening Time by Half with CallFinderTM BURLINGTON, VT – October 11, 2011 - 800response, the leading provider of vanity 800 numbers and web-based call tracking, announced today the launch of CallFinderTM, a unique speech-detection application that scans and analyzes call[...]

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Call Recording Enhances Sales

Joe furrowed his brow as he reviewed Amy’s sales numbers He knew that she was talented and friendly on the phone but these numbers did not make sense Why was she failing to make her sales numbers Many sales managers are just like Joe They hire people who have the knowledge, skills and[...]

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The Benefits of Real-time Call Data

Why Do You Need Real-time Call Tracking Reports What are the benefits of having real-time call data in your hands Benefits to You: Immediate knowledge of who is responding to advertising campaigns Instant notification when incoming calls go unanswered, and[...]

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