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The Challenge of Call Monitoring for Small Businesses

Small businesses are moving communication services to the cloud more and more to save resources and reduce costs   The cloud eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome hardware and software installations   As a result of moving into the cloud, SMBs have more time to focus on the data that is[...]

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Audio Mining vs. Speech Analytics

Audio mining and speech analytics is essentially the same technology; some companies refer to the service as one or the other   Audio mining, also known as speech analytics is a sophisticated call recording and monitoring technology that embraces keyword, phonetic or transcription technologies to[...]

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10 Tips to Boost Call Quality Monitoring

Call quality monitoring is more than pointing out and correcting what’s wrong Just as important is figuring out what works well and getting your employees to follow suit Below you'll find several tips to boost call quality monitoring and build a customer-focused system 1 Don’t make[...]

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