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Speech Analytics Mines Business Data for Pure Gold

Yesterday, my family went to Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire, where you can rent a pickaxe and buy a bucket to chip away at the rocks and caves to see what you can collect   Anything you can cut away and carry out, you can keep   As I was there, digging away, I got to thinking that I was doing a[...]

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Pieces of a Company That Make Up the Call Center Puzzle

  As this recent article points out, there are multiple divisions of a company that play into the call center specifically To be effective in implementing a speech analytics solution, you must make sure to have a designated team in place, consisting of all members within various departments[...]

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Call Center Monitoring: The Quality Process

Businesses that make the investment in call center monitoring should get all they can from the data they collect In the end, it’s not simply mining data that matters but what you do with it Everyone involved in managing a call center should understand the quality monitoring process Establish[...]

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4 Ways to Improve Call Quality Monitoring

Good call quality monitoring shouldn’t focus only on the negative; this crucial activity needs to have a positive influence on your business, too With a few useful tips, you can improve the quality of your monitoring without a lot of extra expenses or complicated processes Don’t forget[...]

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Talk Business 360 on the Value of Speech Analytics

Our vice president of marketing, Laura Noonan, recently had the privilege of speaking with the Talk Business 360 network on the benefits of using speech analytics to improve business processes and ultimately make positive changes on the customer experience What is speech analytics Advanced[...]

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